WooCommerce Integrated Bold Checkout Overview

The WooCommerce Integrated Bold Checkout allows you to use all of Bold Checkout's features right in the default WooCommerce checkout.

Leverage Bold's powerful APIs, integrations and more with the WooCommerce Integrated Bold Checkout!



Features & Functionalities

Every WooCommerce order will be linked to the same order in Bold Checkout.

Bold view order button in WooCommerce

On the Orders Page, every order placed using Bold Checkout will be linked to Bold Checkout.

Orders in Bold Checkout



Because the WooCommerce Integrated Bold Checkout overrides WooCommerce's shipping methods, the cart page shipping calculator will be removed.

Instead, it will be replaced with a disclaimer to let your customers know that taxes and shipping will be calculated in the checkout rather than in the cart.

taxes-shipping disclaimer



Payments can be made within the checkout. Customers can opt to pay via 2 payment methods:

  • Credit Card
  • Gift Card

payment section



The WooCommerce Integrated Checkout supports both authenticated and guest user sessions.

A new checkout session is created once the customer lands on the checkout page, as well as when adjustments to the cart's contents are made. For example:

  • When the user logs in or logs out.
  • When changing the cart item's quantity.
  • When adding or removing products from the cart.

Customers who checkout while being logged in as an authenticated user will have their WooCommerce information passed on to the Bold Checkout API.



WooCommerce, by default, has a field for order notes.

Information entered into the order notes field will be passed to Bold Checkout and retrieved when the order's been created in WooCommerce.

order notes



In order to support discount codes created in Bold Checkout, an additional field will be added to the checkout.

If the discount code is invalid, an error message will appear.
Discount code is not valid error message

If the discount code is valid, the discount will appear in the order summary.

Order summary updated with discount code

Customers will have the ability to remove discount codes from their order(s) after it's been applied.

Please visit Discount Codes Overview & Setup in Bold Checkout for more information on creating discount codes.



Shipping methods are automatically populated when customers enter a valid shipping address.

Shipping method display



When a shipping method has been selected, or a discount code has been entered, the order summary will update to display this information.

Changes can be made to the appearance of your checkout's prices from within WooCommerce under Settings > General.

WooCommerce currency settings



A visual indicator will be displayed overtop of the Place order button within the checkout.

Place order button



After customers have completed their purchase, Bold Checkout will display the Order Confirmation page.

The Order Confirmation page features all of the information provided by the Bold WooCheckout API, and will look identical to the default WooCommerce page. The Thank You page will not be its own separate page - instead, it will be a part of the checkout form.

Your customer's order number will not be displayed on the Order Confirmation page. The order number will be created at a delay (up to 30 seconds), after the purchase has been processed.

order confirmation page



Custom fields may be added to the checkout through the use of custom code or a third party plugin.

The Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce must be installed and activated in order to create and add custom fields.



The payment section of Bold Checkout can be customized to suit your store's style.

You can customize this by using a custom theme or plugin.



Bold Checkout supports Bold Subscriptions' recurring purchases.

When adding a subscription product to the cart, the following options will be displayed:

subscription widget 

On the checkout page, the frequency attribute of the subscription products will be displayed:

Frequency attribute on checkout page

The frequency attribute of the subscription product(s) will be shown on the Thank You page as well.


Address validation is set per the requirements listed below.

When authenticated, the checkout form will automatically fill out your customer's information from My Account.



Frontend Schema Validation - Billing

  • first name - required, minimum 2 characters
  • last name - required, minimum 2 characters
  • company - not required, minimum 2 characters
  • address 1 - required
  • address 2 - not required
  • city - required
  • country - required
  • postcode - required
  • phone - required
  • email - required

Frontend Schema Validation - Shipping

  • first name - required, minimum 2 characters
  • last name - required, minimum 2 characters
  • company - not required, minimum 2 characters
  • address 1 - required
  • address 2 - not required
  • city - required
  • country - required
  • postcode - required
  • phone - required
  • email - required
  • order comments - required

Custom fields can also be set as required or not required depending on your needs.



API Validation

If a shipping address has not been assigned, an error message will be displayed in the header of the checkout.

No shipping address error message

The WooCommerce checkout form can otherwise display two address fields:

  • The mandatory billing address.
  • The optional shipping address.

If your customer wishes to have a shipping address that's different than their billing address, select Ship to a different address.

If the cart only contains virtual products, the Ship to a different address option will not appear as the products do not require a shipping address for fulfillment.

The Ship to a different address option will automatically be selected if the shipping address is different from the billing address, after the customer refreshes the page.

Deselecting Ship to a different address will use your customer's shipping address as their billing address.



  • When logged in, customers cannot change their email address from the checkout.
  • Shipping and taxes can only be calculated on the checkout page after entering a billing address and a shipping address.
  • The first, and only, required field is billing address. If no shipping address is provided, the shipping address will default to the customer's billing address.
  • WooCommerce's Shipping Methods and Payment Methods settings are disabled when using the WooCommerce Integrated Bold Checkout.
  • Styling the payment section of the checkout requires custom development.
  • Adding additional pages to the checkout flow requires custom development.



Highly Customized Checkouts

Because Bold's WordPress plugin relies on WooCommerce's forms and templates, it's not recommended removing any part of the original template as it can lead to issues with its core functionality.

All of the plugin's language can be translated, however. Please visit Translating WooCommerce for more information.

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