Create & Connect a Bold Account

Bold Account Center is a tool that stores can use to access apps such as Bold Subscriptions and Bold Checkout, as well as manage who has access to create API access tokens. With API access tokens you can begin using our available APIs to launch new integrations.

When creating your Bold account, you will be asked to choose a name for your organization. Your organization can connect and manage multiple stores.

If you'd like to create a Bold account for the purpose of joining an existing store or organization, you will need to manually reach out to an admin of the existing organization and request they send you an invitation. For more information, please visit Invite or Deactivate a New User.

This article is relevant to Account Center on commercetools. If you are using a different platform, please visit the articles relevant for Bold Account Center on Shopify or WooCommerce.




Before proceeding, you will need the following:

Before creating your Bold account in Account Center, you will need to create an API key with scopes within your commercetools store. 

This section will show you how to select the scopes and generate an API key for Account Center.


If you plan to install both Checkout and Subscriptions, you will need to create separate API keys for each. To install Bold Checkout or Bold Subscriptions, please visit Installing Bold Apps & Integrations via Account Center.

Combining scopes for Account Center, Checkout and/or Subscriptions together will result in an error during the signup flow.

Account Center Setup

  1. Navigate to Merchant center, within your commercetools admin.
  2. Select Settings, then Developer Settings.
  3. Select + Create a new API client.

    Create new API client button

  4. To connect to Account Center, select the following scopes:
    • Manage:
      • Types
    • View:
      • Types - this will be automatically selected.
      • Project Settings
      • Stores

        Account Center Scopes

  5. Select Create API client to generate your credentials.

    Note: Make sure to save your credentials, along with all information from this page, in a secure location. You will not be able to view this page again. If you are unable to save your credentials, you will have to repeat this process.

    Successful API Client Creation page




Before following the steps below, be sure to have your commercetools Store Key available as this will be needed. The Store Key is set when you're creating a new store. You can find this by navigating to Settings > Project settings > Stores.

  1. Navigate to the Bold Account Center Login Page.
  2. Select Create a Bold Account.

    Create account

  3. Enter your Name, Organization name, Email, and choose a strong password.

    Note: For Organization, you will want to use a name that represents your company. You can add multiple stores to your organization in Account Center.

    Information submission page

  4. Select Next.
  5. Select commercetools for your Platform, enter your Store URL, enter your commercetools details in all fields, and select I consent to the creation of a cartClaimed Custom Field on my store.


    • The Store URL should be a unique address. It is not the same as the Auth URL or API URL.
    • The Store Key can be found by navigating to Settings > Project settings > Stores.
    • The Project Key, Client ID, Client Secret, Auth URL, and API URL can be obtained from your saved information when generating your API key. The Auth URL and API URL must be the exact values.
    • The cartClaimed Custom Field is attached to your commercetools order resource, which is used for customizing both orders and carts. The cart must be set as claimed so that further changes cannot be made while Checkout is processing the order.

    Commercetools store details

  6. Select Add store.

    Note: Your shop's order resource must have a Custom Type. The Custom Type is necessary to customize the order resource. If you have not set Custom Type for your store, you will be shown the dialogue box below. Here, you will be able to provide a name for the Custom Type, and it will be created on your behalf.

    Custom Type Missing dialogue box

  7. Enter the information in the available fields to create a Store profile.

    Store profile page

  8. Select Next.
  9. Your store's connection is now successful. Select Go to Launchpad to access Bold Account Center's management features.



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