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Refund a Subscription Order

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Because Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout orders are processed through the Shopify checkout, all refunds need to be completed within Shopify. You can refund the full amount, a partial amount, or just refund the shipping. 

This article outlines how to create a refund as well as explains what happens to the transaction fees for a refunded order.



Refund a subscription order

To refund a Subscription order, please follow the steps below.

  1. From within the Shopify admin, navigate to Orders.
  2. Search and select the specific order you'd like to refund.
  3. Near the top of the page, select Refund.
    Refund button in Shopify
  4. Select the quantity of the ordered product you would like to refund.

    Note: If you would like to submit a partial refund, you can manually enter the amount under Refund Amount.

    Amount of refund 
  5. Select Refund.

Pro-Tip: For more information, please visit Shopify's article Creating returns and refunds.


Transaction fees

In Bold Subscriptions, the transaction fees are also returned to you when a refund is issued. The rates are adjusted based on the amount of the refund.  For example, if you were to issue a full refund on a purchase of $100, the entire 1% transaction fee of $1 would be refunded to you. If you were to issue a partial refund of $50, the transaction fee will be adjusted to $0.50.

This information can be found on your Shopify bill, as well as downloaded within a CSV file in Bold Subscriptions Reports.

For information on how your payment gateway handles transaction fees and refunds, you will need to reach out to your payment gateway.