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This article outlines some of the most frequently asked questions regarding subscription groups and their functionality within Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout.  Please select a question below to view the answer.



  • Currently, there is a limit of 250 products per Subscription group.
  • No. When a product is selected in a subscription group, all of the variants that exist for the product are available to purchase as a recurring subscription.

  • No. Customers with existing subscriptions are unaffected by price changes made within the admin. Their subscriptions remain at the same price as when they originally subscribed as per their subscription agreement. Only new subscribers are subject to the new price.

    If you wish to update the product price for your existing subscribers you can do this via the Bulk Update tool. For more information, please visit Bulk Price Updates in Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout.

  • Unless you have defined fixed shipping rates in Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout, the shipping and tax rates are determined by your settings in Shopify. 

    Shopify uses the least expensive shipping rate for recurring orders. For more information please visit Shipping Rates.

    For more information on setting up shipping rates in Shopify, please visit Shopify's article, Setting up shipping rates. To set up tax rates in Shopify, please visit Shopify's Tax article.

    To define fixed shipping rates, please visit Fixed Shipping Rates in Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout.

  • There currently isn't a setting in Bold Subscriptions that allows you to charge an additional one-time fee on the first order. Additionally, Bold Subscriptions does not have the ability to charge a higher price rate. You can offer a discount in the subscription group settings or offer a discount code.

    To request a customization for this functionality, you can reach out to one of our partners such as HeyCarson or Storetasker for a quote.

  • You can create and supply a customer with a Shopify discount code that discounts the entire order by 100%. For important information about Shopify discount codes in Bold Subscriptions, please visit Discount Codes.

  • Recurring orders within Bold Subscriptions occur at 12 AM, within your stores time zone.

    A transaction is sent from Bold Subscriptions to Shopify Payments on the same day that your customer's subscriptions are set to renew. Once the transaction has been successfully processed within Shopify Payments, an order for all successful transactions is generated based on the Daily processing time set for your store.

    You can see this information within Bold Subscriptions under Settings > General settings.

    General settings

    If a transaction fails due to a payment or inventory related issue (invalid credit card, expired credit card, insufficient inventory, etc.), an order will not be generated in your Shopify admin. Bold Subscriptions will attempt to renew the subscription again using the applied settings in Bold Subscriptions under Settings > Dunning management.

    Read more information about dunning management, please visit Cancellation & Dunning Management.

  • Digital products are compatible with Bold Subscriptions. However, purchasing this type of subscription will not prompt your customer to enter a shipping address within the checkout.

    If a digital product is swapped with a physical product after the initial purchase, your customer is prompted to enter a shipping address at that time.

  • Shopify's unbranded dynamic checkout buttons are only compatible when using Shopify Payments as your payment gateway. Otherwise, this button skips the necessary add to cart function that Bold Subscriptions requires. This may allow the order to process without being created as a subscription on your store.

    unbranded dynamic buy it now checkout button

    To remove this button from your store, please refer to Shopify's article: Adding and removing dynamic checkout buttons.

  • All customizations completed for the Bold Subscriptions language settings and widget can be completed by making adjustments to the theme liquid code unless you are using the app block functionality provided in 2.0 themes.

    To view our guide on completing adjustments to the widget for all themes, please visit Customize the Subscription Widget.

  • Prepaid and gift subscriptions are not a feature of Bold Subscriptions at this time, however, they are expected to be released in the near future.

    If you'd like to offer a gift option for subscriptions, please visit Govalo Gift Cards and Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout Integration

  • Dynamic discounts such as these are not available out of the box at this time.

    Dynamic discounts can be achieved through the use of our APIs. It is recommended to have a developer for this customization. If you do not have a developer, you can reach out to one of our Partners for a quote here.

    Alternatively, you could create a discount code that is applicable to the first order only. Discount codes can be used in addition to subscription group discounts. For example, if you set a 10% discount within the subscription group and then create a discount code for an additional 10% off the first order only, your customers would receive 20% discount off the first order and then 10% off all recurring orders.

  • The ability to set minimum or maximum lengths for subscriptions are not currently available out of the box in Bold Subscriptions.

    Maximum lengths can be accomplished by leveraging our APIs. It is recommended to have a developer for this customization. If you do not have a developer, you can reach out to one of our Partners for a quote here.

  • Bold Subscriptions automatically applies a tag to your subscribers customer profile within Shopify with a tag of active_subscriber or inactive_subscriber based on the status of their subscription.

    For more information, please visit Customer Tagging in Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout.

  • Yes. You can create test orders in Shopify by using the test mode in Shopify Payments. If you are not using Shopify Payments, you can use the Shopify Bogus Payment Gateway. For more information, please visit Shopify's Help Center article.

  • Order times default to 12:00 AM based on your store's timezone. Once an order is in the processing stage, it can take anywhere from 1-5 hours to process depending on the queue of orders at the time.

    Please note that customers and merchants are not able to make changes to a subscription while it is in the processing stage.

  • Cutoff days are used with fixed subscription frequencies to set a minimum amount of time that must pass between your customer's first and second order. If the second scheduled order falls within the number of cutoff days you've specified, the second order is skipped.

    This prevents a subscriber's initial and second order from occurring too close together. This ensures your customer is not charged twice before they have received their first order.


    If your billing date is on the 1st of every month, setting your cutoff days to 15 means that all initial orders placed 15 days before the 1st, are not charged again on the next recurring date. That order is skipped

    If you need more time to fulfill your orders, you can increase the number of cutoff days.

    Typically, we recommend 15 cutoff days for monthly subscriptions, but it can vary across different cases.

    Cutoff days example

  • As Shopify makes new customer accounts available to merchants, we are working to support this feature in Bold Subscriptions. At this time we do not recommend switching to the new version in order to ensure your customers are still able to access their Customer Portal.

    For more information on Shopify's customer accounts, please visit Shopify's support article on Customer accounts



    If you have access to Shopify's new customer accounts, please make sure classic customer accounts are enabled by following the steps below.

    1. From within your Shopify admin, select Settings, then Checkout and accounts.
    2. Scroll to the Customer accounts section.
    3. In the Account experience section, select Edit.


    4. In the Login experience section, select one or both of the following options:
      1. Show login link in the header of online store and at checkout
      2. Require all customers to log in before checkout
    5. In the Choose which version of customer accounts to use section, select Classic customer accounts.

      Classic customer accounts

    6. Select Save.
  • Changing your store's default currency can cause issues with transaction fees. If you would like to make this change, please reach out to our Customer Success team so we can help align with this adjustment.