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This article outlines some of the most frequently asked questions regarding managing subscriptions from both the merchant and customer perspective in Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout. Please select a question below to view the answer.



  • Subscriptions are not able to be cancelled or paused in bulk. All subscriptions need to be cancelled or paused individually.

  • Yes, you can update the price of your customer's existing subscription products using the Bulk Update tool. For more information, please visit Bulk Price Updates in Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout.

  • Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout gives you the ability to define fixed shipping rates by country. If you are using this feature, you can update your subscription shipping rates at any time.

    If you are using the shipping rates you've defined in Shopify, the shipping rates for your subscriptions will not automatically update when the order recurs. This is because all shipping rates are grandfathered in from the original order.

    As a work around, you can make a slight change in the customer's account which causes the subscription re-sync and look for the new shipping rate. Slight changes could include updating the customer's address, or the quantity of the product. You can then revert this change so the correct information is stored along with the new shipping rate.

  • Yes. You can add a discount code to your customer's subscription. For more information, please visit Subscription Management: Merchant Perspective.

  • Shopify does not have a setting to restrict account creation requirements to only those who purchase a subscription. If the accounts are set to required, all customers are required to create an account when checking out on your store.

    If you wish to leave accounts optional, we recommend to enable the Subscription Created email within Bold Subscriptions. This email is sent to your customers once they have purchased a subscription from your store. You can customize the text within these emails to advise your customers of the benefits of creating an account and provide instructions for how to do so.

    When creating an account, customers must use the same email they used when purchasing their subscription in order to see and manage their subscription.

  • Yes. You can update or change an existing subscriber’s email address, as long as the email address does not already belong to an existing customer.

    If the email address is already connected to an existing customer account in Shopify, you will receive an error which says: Customer information failed to save. In this case, it is best to cancel the subscription and have the subscriber re-sign up using their correct email address.

    To update a subscriber’s email address, please follow the steps below.

    1. From within Bold Subscriptions, navigate to Customers.
    2. Select the ellipsis under the Actions column, and choose Manage subscriptions.

      Manage subscriptions

    3. Select Edit Customer Info.
    4. Update the customer’s email address in the Email address field.
    5. Select Save changes.