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Subscriptions Functionality FAQs

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This article outlines some of the most frequently asked questions regarding subscription groups and their functionality within Bold Subscriptions.  Please select a question below to view the answer.



Currently, there is a limit of 250 products per Subscription group.

No, when a product is selected in a subscription group, all of the variants that exist for the product will be available to purchase as a recurring subscription.

No. Customers with existing subscriptions will be unaffected by price changes made within the admin. Their subscriptions will remain at the same price as when they originally subscribed - as per their subscription agreement. Only new subscribers would be subject to the new price.

If you wish to update the product price for your existing subscribers, this can be done through the use of our APIs. It is recommended to have your own developer for this. For more information on how to get started with our APIs, please visit our Developer Documentation.

Alternatively, if you are unable to use our APIs, as a work-around, you can create a new product at the new price point, and swap the old product out for the new one. You will need to add the new product to the existing subscription group before it can be swapped. For more information on swapping, please visit Subscription Management: Merchant Perspective.

No, there currently isn't a setting in Bold Subscriptions that allows you to charge a one-time fee for only the first order. Bold Subscriptions does not have the ability to charge a higher price rate for a product, it can only discount the product price via a discount code or a recurring discount in the subscription group's settings.

This kind of customization would need to be added by either a third party developer or our Partners team. If you are interested in getting this customization added to your store, you can reach our Partners team by filling out the following form here.

A free subscription can be offered to a customer by providing the customer with a discount code that discounts the entire order by 100%. Discount codes can be created in Bold Checkout. For more information, please visit Discount Codes in Bold Checkout.

Recurring orders within Bold Subscriptions occur at 12 AM, within your stores time zone.

If a transaction fails due to a payment or inventory related issue (invalid credit card, expired credit card, insufficient inventory, etc.), an order will not be generated in Bold Checkout. Bold Subscriptions will attempt to renew the subscription again using the applied settings in Bold Subscriptions under Settings > Dunning management:

Dunning Management

To sell digital products as a subscription, you will need to mark the product as digital within BigCommerce, and ensure the product's weight is set to 0. Within Bold Checkout, define the weight based shipping rates to have the digital products recur without a shipping cost.

There are no settings to customize the subscription widget within Bold Subscriptions. If you need help customizing this, you can reach out to our partners for a quote.

Currently, it is not possible to offer prepaid or gift subscriptions. Please check back often as this feature is expected to be released soon.

Dynamic discounts such as these are not available out of the box at this time.

Dynamic discounts can be achieved through the use of our APIs. It is recommended to have a developer for this customization. If you do not have a developer, you can reach out to one of our Partners for a quote here.

Alternatively, you could create a discount code in Bold Checkout that is applicable to the first order only. Discount codes will stack with an existing Subscription group discount. For example, if you have a 10% discount set within the subscription group, and create a discount code in Bold Checkout for an additional 10% off the first order only, customers would receive 20% discount off the first order and 10% off all recurring orders.

The ability to set minimum or maximum lengths for subscriptions are not currently available out of the box in Bold Subscriptions.

Maximum lengths can be accomplished by leveraging our APIs. It is recommended to have a developer for this customization. If you do not have a developer, you can reach out to one of our Partners for a quote here.

Cutoff days are used with fixed subscription frequencies to set a minimum amount of time that must pass between your customer's first and second order. If the second scheduled order falls within the number of cutoff days you select, the second order will be skipped.

This prevents a subscriber's initial and second order from occurring too close together to ensure your customer is not charged twice before they have received their first order.


If your billing date is on the 1st of every month, setting your cutoff days to 15 will mean that all initial orders placed 15 days before the 1st, will not be charged again on the next recurring date. That order will be skipped.

If you need more time to fulfill your orders, you can increase the number of cutoff days.

Typically, we recommend 15 cutoff days for monthly subscriptions, but it can vary across different cases.

Cutoff days example

By default, the subscription widget will display the subscription options from the first group a product is added to. For this reason, a product should only belong to one subscription group. Since a group allows for a single discount, the same discount will be displayed for all frequency options.

If you would like to add a product to multiple subscription groups in order to show different discounts for each frequency option, you can build a custom subscription widget to support this using our APIs.