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Set up Bold Cashier

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Bold Cashier is a powerful checkout solution that allows you to offer a unique checkout experience to your customers.

Bold Cashier uses its own processes to charge and capture your customer's orders. This allows it to be integrated with many of our other apps (including Bold Subscriptions), along with an entire suite of third-party applications.



1. Install Bold Cashier

Bold Cashier is currently unavailable for installation on Shopify due to Shopify's re-evaluation and newly created restrictions for third-party checkouts.

If you installed Bold Cashier prior to January 20th, 2020, it will continue to function as expected until it's been uninstalled from your store. Bold Cashier cannot be reinstalled.

Bold Cashier is otherwise available as Bold Checkout for BigCommerce, commercetools, Magento 1, or Adobe Commerce.



2. Connect a payment gateway

In order for you to sell through Bold Cashier, you will need to connect a payment gateway. It is required to connect a payment gateway before you're able to start receiving orders through Bold Cashier.

To see which payment gateways will work best for your country, please see Gateways by Country.

Each payment gateway has various benefits, so we strongly suggest researching each payment gateway to find one that will suit your business best.

Please visit Connect a Payment Gateway to Bold Cashier for our full list of supported payment gateways.



3. Set up your tax settings

When setting Bold Cashier up, you will have the option to set up your own tax rates, use Cashier's calculated rates, or integrate a third party tax service (like TaxJar) to process your customer's taxes.

Please visit Set up Tax Settings in Cashier for more information on completing this step.



4. Set up your shipping rates

When selling through Bold Cashier, you must have at least one shipping zone in order to charge your customers a shipping fee. These zones determine which region(s) your customers can purchase from as well as how much it will cost to ship their product(s) to them.

There are several different kinds of rates that you can use with Bold Cashier:

  • Shopify Shipping Rates
    • Import your shipping rates from Shopify and use them in Bold Cashier's checkout.
  • Carrier-Calculated Rates
    • Rely on a shipping carrier to calculate your customer's shipping rates based on their package weight.
  • Price-Based Shipping Rates
    • Rely on Bold Cashier to calculate your customer's shipping rates based on their order total.
  • Weight-Based Shipping Rates
    • Rely on Bold Cashier to calculate your customer's shipping rates based on their package weight.

For more information on each type of shipping, please visit Shipping Rates in Bold Cashier.

Please otherwise visit Create Shipping Zones in Bold Cashier for more information on completing this step.



5. Customize Bold Cashier's checkout (optional)

Bold Cashier's powerful checkout can be customized to fit your store's aesthetic, including:

  • Adding a logo or favicon.
  • Switching the checkout from three pages to one page.
  • Requiring customers to be signed in before checking out.
  • Adding a custom hostname.

And much more!

Please visit Bold Cashier General Settings for more information.



6. Customize Bold Cashier's emails (optional)

Along with the checkout, you can also customize Bold Cashier's emails that get sent out to your customers.

Shopify's emails will be sent in addition to Cashier's emails. Once an order's been created by Bold Cashier, your customers will receive an order confirmation email from Shopify.

Please visit Customer Facing Emails in Bold Cashier for more information.



7. Connect your integrations (optional)

Bold Cashier can integrate with a multitude of different programs and applications, including:

  • Analytics integrations like Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.
  • Marketing integrations like Kickbooster, Klaviyo, LeadDyno, and more.
  • Payment integrations like PayPal Express, Sezzle, Wallet Pay, and more.
  • Anti-Fraud integrations like NoFraud and Riskified.
  • Helpful integrations like Google Autocomplete and Loqate.
  • Shipping integrations like Zapiet, Bespoke, EasyShip, and more; and
  • Tax integrations like TaxJar.

Please visit Third Party Integrations with Bold Cashier for more information.



8. Place a test order with Bold Cashier (recommended)

Because Bold Cashier has so many working parts, we highly recommend placing a test order through Bold Cashier to ensure that everything is working correctly. Test orders can be completed on a backup theme to avoid any storefront disruption.

It is important to enable Bold Cashier's development mode prior to placing a test order, which allows you to process test orders through a test payment gateway free of transaction fees.

Normal transaction fees will be applied to all orders that aren't processed through the test payment gateway.

Please visit Place a Test Order with Bold Cashier for more information.



9. Enable Bold Cashier

From Bold Cashier's General Settings, enable Bold Cashier.