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Govalo Gift Cards & Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout Integration

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Integrating Govalo Gift Cards with Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout gives you the ability to offer a gift option for your subscriptions. Customers can select the number of subscription cycles they would like to purchase as a gift as well as select the date they wish to send the gift.

Recipients receive an email notifying them of their gift and can activate the subscription at any time they wish.

Additionally, within Govalo you can:

  • Customize the gift product description and image.
  • Customize the gift email template language, colours, and header image.
  • Customize the gift card product page button and form.
  • Add your own CSS to the gift card page.

Pro-Tip: This integration is available on the Premium plan in Govalo. Enter the code BeBold to activate an extended three month trial available exclusively to Bold Subscriptions users.

This article guides you through the integration setup and provides an overview of your customer's perspective when gifting and receiving a subscription.




Before enabling the integration between Bold Subscriptions and Govalo, you will need to create an account in Bold Account Center. For step-by-step instructions, please visit Create & Connect a Bold Account.

Step 1: Connect the Integration

  1. Log in, or create an account in Bold Account Center.
  2. Navigate back to your Shopify admin and install Govalo Gift Cards.
  3. Select the Premium plan and enter the code BeBold in order to receive a three month free trial.
  4. Configure the Govalo Gift Card setup and enable the theme integration. For step-by-step instructions, please visit Setting up Govalo.
  5. Select Integrations.
  6. Select Connect Bold.
  7. On the install page, select Approve.



Step 2: Create the Gift Subscription Product

  1. Click Add subscription product to begin creating your first gift subscription.

    Note: If a message appears which says No bold subscription products, this means you do not have any subscriptions setup in Bold Subscriptions yet. This will need to be done first. For more information, please visit Create a Standard Subscription Group

    Add a Subscription Product
  2. Select the subscription product that you would like to add a gift option to.

    Note: Once selected, a duplicate of the original product is automatically created. This represents the gift product.

    Select Subscription Product
  3. Type in any number of gift cycles that you would like offer as an option for your customers to select from, and click Add for each cycle added.

    Note: By default, 1, 3, and 6 gift cycles will be preselected. You can remove any of these by clicking the X, and add your own.

    Gift Cycles
  4. Optional: Select the Subscription gift image to upload a custom image for your gift subscription product.
  5. Optional: Edit the product name
  6. Select Enable.

Your subscription is now live. You can verify this by navigating to the subscription product page on your storefront. You should see both the original subscription product as well as the duplicate gift subscription product.

For more information and support, please visit Govalo support article Bold - Setting up your gift subscription.



Giving a Gift Subscription - Customer Perspective

On your subscription product page, your customers click the Send as a gift button. This opens a form where they can select the number of delivery cycles they wish to prepay for as a gift, enter the recipient's name, email, choose a date to send, and add a personal message.


Giving a Gift Subscription

Once the form has been filled out, the customer adds the product to their cart. They can continue shopping or checkout as they normally would. 



Accepting a Gift Subscription - Customer Perspective

Alert: The cost of shipping is not covered in the gift amount. Recipients are required to cover the cost of shipping on your subscription product if one exists.
Subscriptions do not automatically expire when the gift amount has been redeemed. Recipients are responsible for either continuing with the subscription, or canceling.

The recipient receives an email notifying them of their gift on the date the giver has selected. The email contains the name of the person gifting the subscription, along with how many shipments they have been gifted. The recipient can select the Activate button within the email to begin their subscription at any time. 


Gift Email Message


The activate button directs the recipient to a page that contains instructions on how to accept and the gift. From this page, they are redirected to the subscription product page where they can then select the subscription, choose their frequency, and checkout with their gift code.