Customer Tagging in Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout

Bold Subscriptions will automatically apply a tag to your subscribers based on the status of their subscription. These tags can be used to target your subscribers for sales, marketing campaigns, and more.


This feature was released on May 13th, 2022. Merchants with subscribers prior to this date will see tags added to their customer profiles when their subscriptions recur or are updated. 

This article will provide an overview of these customer tags and outline you how you can use Bold Subscriptions' customer tags to benefit your store.




Bold Subscriptions will apply a tag to your subscribers based on their subscription status. Active subscribers will be tagged with active_subscriber and inactive subscribers will be tagged with inactive_subscriber. This tag will be applied to your customer profile within Shopify, not within the app.

Any new tags that are added to your customer profile in the Shopify admin will not affect the existing Bold Subscriptions tags and can be used alongside them.

These tags will make it easy to categorize and target your subscription customers. You can leverage customer tags to:

  • Send out custom email campaigns
  • Offer customer subscription specific discount codes
  • Integrate with Shopify Flow
  • Track and segment customers
  • Offer membership style functionality




The active_subscriber tag is reapplied when the customer’s next recurrence processes.

The names of the customer tags added to your subscribers cannot be edited at this time.

While you can’t add additional tagging rules from within the Subscriptions admin, you can add any additional tags to a customer profile through the Shopify admin. If you are interested in setting custom tagging rules for your subscribers, you can look into activating Shopify Flow.

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