SimpleTexting & Subscriptions V2 Integration

SimpleTexting provides SMS, MMS, and text marketing services. With this integration, you can link your SimpleTexting account to Bold Subscriptions V2 using webhooks and set up triggers for event based text message campaigns such as new subscriber offers, win-back campaigns, and more.

With SimpleTexting you can:

  • Get a number for your business for toll-free texting and short codes
  • Enable 2-way messaging to improve customer satisfaction
  • Send and schedule mass text messages
  • Collect phone numbers or message existing ones
  • Enable texting for teams

And much more! For detailed information on all the features SimpleTexting provides, please visit SimpleTexting Features.


Please note, this is a technical integration. It is recommended to have your own developer as it requires knowledge in the use of APIs and webhooks.



Simple texting has different levels of price plans available depending on the amount of messages you wish to send per month. There is a 14 day free trial available for new members.

For more information on the price plans available, please visit SimpleTexting Pricing.


In order to set up this integration you will need to have both Bold Subscriptions V2 and an account on Bold Account Center. This will allow you to create an API key and access Subscriptions V2 webhooks. For more information on creating your account, please visit Create & Connect a Bold Account

You will also need to create an account with SimpleTexting. Please notify the support team at SimpleTexting by emailing to let them know you would like to have them enable recipes for Bold Subscriptions.

  1. Log in, or create an account in Bold Account Center.

    Note: For more information on creating your account, please visit Create & Connect a Bold Account.

  2. Select Developer Settings.
  3. Select Create API access token.
  4. Enter a name for your API key.
  5. Ensure the scopes appear as they do in the screenshot below.
    Scopes 1
    Scopes 2
  6. Select Create.

    Note: You will now be provided with the Shared Secret and API access token. This API access token will disappear once the dialogue box closes. Save this information in a secure location.


  7. Get your shop identifier and Bold shop ID by following the Bold Commerce Developer Documentation

    Note: The bearer token is your API secret as saved above.

  8. Review Bold's webhooks and decide which you'd like to subscribe to here: Webhook topics.

    Note: Webhook topic numbers can be found in the response sample. Some helpful ones are:
    New Subscription - offer subscriber texts and offers: webhook_topic_id = 1
    New Subscription order created - send out confirmation order texts: webhook_topic_id = 3
    Upcoming Subscription Reminders: webhook_topic_id = 9
    Transaction failed: webhook_topic_id = 6
    Cancelled subscription- create customer buy-back subscription texts: webhook_topic_id = 12

  9. Login to your SimpleTexting account.
  10. From your SimpleTexting dashboard, navigate to the Integrations > Custom Integration > View Recipes.
  11. Create a project or use Home Assets. 
  12. Select Start guided setup on the right. Once you create an event name, it will provide you with a webhook URL.
  13. Subscribe to the Bold webhook of your choice. You can do this on Postman or REQBIN.



The payload to POST to is in raw JSON format:

  • shop_id is the id from your first request to get your shop information.
  • Callback_url is the provided URL from SimpleTexting
  • The shared_secret was provided on your initial creation within the Bold Account Center in step 6 above.
  • webhook_topic_id is the webhook topic you want to subscribe to. The list of options here were provided in step 8 above.


For specific flows, the topics correlate with the number below:

  • New subscriber texts and offers: webhook_topic_id = 1
  • New order texts: webhook_topic_id = 3
  • Upcoming Subscription Reminders: webhook_topic_id = 9
  • Order failed texts: webhook_topic_id = 6
  • Customer buy-back subscription texts: webhook_topic_id = 12


Once your integration and webhooks are ready, you can test it out by triggering a webhook. For example, if you are using webhook_topic_id: 1 (subscription created), you can create a new subscription for yourself to see if it will be triggered in the SimpleTexting setup.

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