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Littledata & Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout Integration

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Littledata and Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout integrate to allow you to track subscriptions that are processed via the Shopify checkout with Google Analytics. This integration leverages the Shopify to Google Analytics or Shopify to Segment connections. 

With this integration you will be able to track:

  • Checkout steps
  • Recurring orders filtered by transaction affiliation

The ability to see information differentiated between first-time subscription orders and one-time orders will be coming soon.

Littledata will create default views within the Google Analytics admin so that your subscription data can be tracked. There is also an option to set custom views and filters.




Littledata offers different pricing plans based on your monthly sessions and number of orders. A 30-day free trial as well as additional discounts are available for those who pay annually. For more information on their pricing plans and structure, please visit Littledata's article on How to choose the right pricing for your store.





This integration requires Advanced Google Analytics setup. For more information on the recommended setup, please visit this Littledata help article

  1. Set up Google Analytics for your Shopify store.
  2. Connect Bold Subscriptions within the Littledata admin.
  3. Select an installation type: Recommended or Custom.

    Note: Recommended uses Littledata views, while Custom requires you to create your own views in Google Analytics.

Once your setup is complete, it is recommended to place a subscription order on your store to ensure that it is tracked in your Littledata Google Analytics views.

For more information on the setup please visit Littledata's Getting Started article.  When viewing Littledata's article, please note that Step 1 is not required when integrating Bold Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout.



Customization options

If you do not wish to use the default Google Analytics view and filters that Littledata provides, you can customize your own in Google Analytics. For more information, please visit the Custom Installation section in this Littledata article, or find additional support for setting up custom views at Google Analytics Support.