How to Provide Account Center Access for Migrations

Bold Account Center is a tool that allows brands to manage their Bold apps, integrations, and users — from one centralized location.

In order to begin migrating your data, our Migration team will need to access your store’s Subscriptions V2 application from within Bold Account Center. To provide access, you will need to create an account in Bold Account Center, add your store, and add Bold Commerce as a user.

Please review the steps below to supply our Migration team with the access needed to complete your migration.




  1. Create an account, or confirm you have one by logging into your account at Bold Account Center.

    Note: If you do not have an account, please create one by creating a New Organization. Please visit Create & Connect a Bold Account for the full instructions.

  2. Add your store.

    Note: Please visit Add and Remove Stores within Account Center to view the steps.

  3. Navigate back to Launchpad and select Integrations.
  4. Select Add under Subscription Importer.
    Add Subscription Importer
  5. Select Approve.
  6. From within Account Center, select Users.
  7. Select Invite a new user.
    Invite a new user
  8. Enter the email address
  9. Select Support.
  10. Select Send invite.
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