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Installing Bold Apps & Integrations via Account Center

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From within Bold Account Center you can install apps such as Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout or Bold Discounts Powered by Price Rules as well as other integrations.



Installing Bold apps via Account Center

Alert: Before following the guide below, it is required that an account already be created & connected to your store in Bold Account Center. Please visit Create & Connect a Bold Account for more information.

If you are in the process of connecting your store to Account Center for the first time and do not already have a Bold app installed, you are prompted to add a Bold app to complete the connection and verify your store.

If you have already added your first Bold app and are looking to add another from within Account Center, you can navigate back to the Account Center Launchpad.

  1. Select Add under the Bold app you want to install.

    Launchpad available apps for Shopify

  2. This prompts you to log into Shopify. Enter your password, then select Log in.

    Log in to Shopify

  3. Select Install app.

    Install app

  4. Select a plan.

    Select a plan

  5. Select your preferred payment method, then select Approve.

    Select your preferred payment method, then selecct Approve

  6. After the test charges have been approved, a prompt is displayed to notify you of the start of the application trial as well as when the first charge will occur.
    • If you are installing Bold Discounts, select Go to Discount Manager.
    • If you are installing Bold Subscriptions, select Go to Subscriptions.

      You're all set

  7. Select Accept and Continue.

    Terms of Service


After accepting the Terms of Service, you are taken to the applications' admin page. To complete the setup, please visit Set up Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout.



Installing integrations

Bold has a variety of integrations available for Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout. These integrations offer unique solutions to increase the functionality of Bold Subscriptions and help your store reach its fullest potential. Each of these integrations have different setup requirements. Some require integration within Account Center and some do not.

For more information, please visit our Integration Hub for Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout.