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Bold enables your plugin on this store so you can create and test your plugin in a development environment. For example:

When a merchant installs a plugin on their store, Bold calls your Install Redirect URL, which you must configure to return information about the plugin, including the scopes it requires. For example: For more information about the Install Redirect URL, refer to

After a merchant has accepted the scopes your plugin requests, Bold calls your Authorize Redirect URL, which you must configure to accept a temporary access token, send a permanent authorization code for that store, and redirect the merchant to the Checkout Marketplace. For example: For more information about the Authorize Redirect URL, refer to

If a merchant wants to uninstall your plugin from their store, Bold calls your Uninstall Redirect URL. For example:

If you want to enable the Configure button in the Checkout Marketplace and allow the merchant to configure settings on your plugin, provide a Marketplace Settings URL. For example: For more information, refer to

This is where Bold sends events that your plugin is registered for. You must be able to receive and handle HTTP requests sent to this URL. For example:

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