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Group Performance in Bold Bundles

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Bold Bundles offers stat tracking to show how your groups are performing on your store. When a bundle group is activated in the Bundles admin, the bundle starts recording user activity for that bundle in real-time.




Each bundle that is created in the Bundles admin shows a few stat metrics based on the last 30 days. These stats can be located on the homepage of the Bundles admin:

Bundle Stats

Each bundle type, with exception to Mix & Match bundles, show the amount of times that the bundle has been viewed, the amount of times the bundle has been added into the cart and the amount of sales for each bundle. Mix & Match type bundles do not record add to cart stats, since the Mix & Match bundles are not added into the cart through a direct bundle widget.



View & Understand Bundle Stats

You can view more bundle stats for each bundle by selecting the ellipsis next to a bundle in the Bundles admin, then selecting Bundle Stats:

Select the ellipsis, then Bundle Stats

Once Bundle Stats has been selected in the ellipsis dropdown, a pop-up modal is brought up that shows more information about the bundle's statistics:

Bundle Stats Pop-up Modal

1. Date Range Selector - The date range that is used determines the bundle stats that appear below the date range selector. You can use filter bundle stats based on the last 7 days, last 30 days, month to date or a custom start and end date.

2. Bundle Type, # of Products and Average Bundle Price - This section outlines the bundle type that was used for the bundle stats you are viewing, the total amount of products that are present in the bundle, and the average price of the bundle across each order that purchased the bundle.

3. Visitors & No Adds - Visitors are counted when the customer views any bundle widget that is associated with the bundle group. If the customer views multiple bundle widget within the same group they're only counted as one visitor. However, if they view another group's associated bundle widget(s), they are also counted as a visitor on that group.

No Adds are calculated when the customer views one of the products associated with the group and doesn't add the bundle their cart.

Note: The customer's visitor session lasts for 30 minutes. After this time period expires they are counted as new visitors.

4. Add to Carts & Abandoned Carts - Add to Carts are counted when the customer adds the group to their cart directly through the bundle widget. When the customer adds the group's products to the cart individually, it is not counted as an add to cart. However, adding Combo Products count as an add to cart.

Abandoned Carts are counted when the customer adds the bundle group to the cart but doesn't proceed through the checkout process.

Note: Mix & Match bundle types do not show or calculate either of these statistics.

5. Sales, Bundles purchased and Bundle revenue - Sales are the number of orders that involve the purchase of a bundle group.

Bundles purchased are how many times the bundle group has been purchased. This number could be larger than the "Sales" number as customers can purchase multiple bundle groups in a single order.

Bundle revenue is the total value of the groups that have been purchased on the site. This doesn't count the value of any other products that may have been added to the customer's order.




  1. Yes. All bundle discounts reflect in the Discounts column when viewing a Shopify report in your Shopify admin.

    If you would like to view all bundle discounts that have been applied to your orders within a Shopify report, you can view the discounts by adding a filter where the Sales channel name is Product Bundles.

    Please visit Sales reports for more information on applying a filter to a Shopify report.