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Bold Bundles Pricing & Overview

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Bold Bundles is a robust eCommerce app that gives you the ability to offer bundled items for discounts.

When creating your Bundle offers, you can either hand select individual products that must be purchased together in order to receive a group discount, or allow your customers to mix & match products between collections. You can also offer discounts for purchasing multiple quantities from a single collection.

The premium version of Bundles extends the functionality of the basic version, by allowing you to offer Buy/Get type deals, combo products, and much more.




Bundles requires an installation in order to function correctly on your site. There are adjustments that the app must make on your theme for it to display the bundle discounts and bundle widget to your customers. Please visit Bold Bundles Install Instructions for more information on how to insert the app's code or request assistance.

Bundles can be installed through the following link below:




Note: All plans are available for free for development and sandbox (links to Shopify) stores. 

Feature Basic Premium
Price per month



One click add-to-cart button

Bundle products more than once to provide high volume discounts

Create bundles by product or collection

Stack discount codes on top of bundle discounts


BOGO offers with the new Buy/Get bundle type


New quantity badges for multi-quantity product bundles


Use the same product in more than one bundle


Use collections for BOGO offers (Version 3 only feature)


Partial BOGO discount offers - Buy X Get Y 50% off (Version 3 only feature)


Combo Products



Change Your Price Plan

To change your price plan, please follow these steps:

  1. From within the Bundles admin, select Settings > Price Plan.

  2. Select Activate Premium Features or Activate Basic Features, depending on what you would like to do.

  3. Select Approve subscription.





Unique Discounting Functionality

To best suit your store's needs, Bundles offers 3 different discounting methods. Each of these methods offer various benefits and limitations; depending on how they interact with your store.

Visit Discounting Methods & How-to Switch Methods in Bold Bundles for more information on the benefits and limitations of each discount method.


Three Bundles Types

Bundles offers three different bundle types that can be used to offer your products on a bundle discount:

  • Group - Allows you to select individual products that must be added together into the cart to receive a bundle discount.

    Group type Example

  • Mix & Match - Allows you to select collection(s) and specify a quantity that must be added by the customer for each collection added in order to receive a bundle discount.

    Mix & Match type Example

  • Buy/Get(Premium) - Allows you to select a set product or collection with a pre-determined quantity that must be purchased by the customer in order to receive a free or partially discounted product.

    Buy/Get type Example


Combo Products

With the premium plan, you can create combo products that acts as a place holder for bundles created within Bundles. When a combo product is added into the cart, all of the products that make up the bundle is added into the cart, along with the bundle discount.

Combo Product Example


Bundles Collection Page

With a small customization to your theme, you can have all active bundles appear on one set collection page. This allows your customers to easily see all of the bundle discounts that are active on your store all on one page.

Bundles Collection Page Example


Bundle Stats/Reporting

Bundles offers user-friendly reporting stats of each bundle create in Bundles. The reporting stats includes the amount of visits in total, the amount of times that the bundle was added into the cart and the amount of sales that the bundle was purchased in an order.




Bundles has an integration with some of our other apps. Some of the integrations require you to be on a specific discount method, while other integrations allow each app to simply work alongside each other with no limitations.

Please visit Bold Bundles' Bold Integrations for more information on each integration available.