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Create a Cart Drawer Offer

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Cart Drawer offers allow you to display a cross-sell offer right within your storefront cart drawer. This feature requires AJAX cart functionality and the Grow 5K plan or higher.

You can display the offer within a cart drawer location of your choice, such as above the cart items, below the cart items, or in the footer of the cart drawer.

This article will guide you, step-by-step, on how to properly create a Cart Drawer offer.

For more information on creating a Cart Drawer offer, please see the video or follow the step-by-step setup guide below.





Step 1: Enable the Cart Drawer app embed on your theme.

  1. From your Shopify admin, navigate to Sales Channels > Online Store > Themes.
  2. Next to your chosen theme, click Customize.


  3. Click the App embeds icon in the left menu.

    App embeds

  4. Enable Cart Drawer Offer and Cart Hooks by sliding the toggle to the right.


  5. Click Save.


Step 2: Change the position of your Cart Drawer Offer and more

  1. Click the arrow to the left of Cart Drawer Offer to expand the settings.


  2. Optional: Using the dropdown menu, select a location for your Cart Drawer Position.

    Note: View the placement of your offer by adding a product to your cart from within the theme editor and reopening the cart.

    Changing Cart Drawer Position
  3. Optional: Check the box next to Show Quantity Input to enable the quantity selector in the Upsell offer.

    Note: Enabling the quantity selector here will apply to all your Cart Drawer offers. If you’d like to enable this for each offer individually, you can do this in the offer settings as shown in Step 3 below.

    Quantity Input
  4. If you are using a Shopify vintage theme, check the Use Custom Cart Drawer box to ensure the Cart Drawer offer works on your store.

    Note: If you are unsure of whether you are using a vintage or Online Store 2.0 theme, please visit Shopify's article Theme architecture versions.

    Use Custom Cart Drawer
  5. Click Save.


Step 3: Create your offer in Upsell.

  1. In the Upsell admin, navigate to Offers > Create Offer.
  2. Enter an internal name for your offer.
  3. In the Upsell trigger section, click Set A Trigger.
  4. Select Cart Drawer Widget.

    Select Cart Drawer Widet

  5. Under Trigger products, select one of the two options:
    1. Trigger an upsell on specific products - This option allows you to select specific products to act as the trigger product. If this option is selected, proceed to step #6.

      Note: If a collection is selected, the collection must contain under 5000 products. A collection of 5000 products or more will cause an error.

    2. Trigger an upsell on every product - This option will set all products on your store as a trigger for the offer. If this option is selected, skip to step #9.
  6. Choose Select Products, and select Add next to the product(s) you would like to trigger the offer.

    Note: You can select all of your products by clicking SELECT ALL RESULTS above the search results. To select individual variants,  deselect the checkbox next to the Group variants by products text, then select Search again.

  7. Select Continue with selected products.
  8. Select Set An Offer.
  9. Enter a Title.
  10. Choose Select Products.
  11. Select Add next to the product(s) you’d like to offer.

    Note: For ease of viewing in the cart, we recommend choosing three or fewer offer products.

  12. Select Continue with selected products.
  13. Optional: Enable Allow customers to set product quantities in the offer.
  14. Optional: Select Set Date Range and enter a Start Date and End Date.
  15. Optional: Select Set Cart Price and enter a Min cart total and Max cart total.
  16. Optional: Apply any of the Additional Options.

    Note: Read more about these settings in Bold Upsell Overview: Offers.

  17. Select Save Offer.