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Video Greet & Upsell Integration

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Video Greet lets your customers add a special video message to gifts purchased from your store. Recipients can view their video greeting through a special portal page or a QR code.

When integrated with Upsell, you can give your customers the opportunity to add a video greeting to their order within an Upsell offer.




Video Greet comes with a 14-day free trial and has a variety of price plans which bill monthly based on usage.

For more information, please visit Videogreet’s pricing page.

Video Greet Pricing




Note Installing Video Greet automatically adds a Video Greet product to your store. You can edit the product details and price in your Shopify admin

  1. Install VideoGreet from the Shopify app store.
  2. Navigate to Bold Upsell > Offers and click Create New Offer.
  3. Enter an internal name for your offer.
  4. Select your Upsell trigger.

    Note: For detailed information on setting up a specific event, please refer to Upsell Offers Overview.

  5. Enter your Upsell offer popup details.
  6. Select your Video Greet product.

    Select Video Greet in the product selector

    Note: New products may take time to be detected by Upsell. If you cannot find the Video Greet product in the product selector, select Update Now to sync your products with Upsell. For more details, please refer to Troubleshooting with Bold Upsell.

  7. Select Continue with selected products.
  8. Select Save offer.




Storefront view of Video Greet in the Upsell popup

Video Greet Upsell

Checkout Flow Example

Once your customer completes their payment, they will be given an option to record their message by selecting Record Your Greeting.

Record your greeting

They will then be prompted to add their message by selecting Get started.

Get started.png

Your customer can opt to upload a previously recorded video, record one live with their computer’s camera, or record an audio clip.

Recording options

Once the upload is complete and has rendered, they will have the ability to preview their message.

Video preview