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Bold Upsell Pricing & Overview

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Bold Upsell allows you to offer additional products or product upgrades to your customers in order to increase your average order value. You can curate your offers based on the products your customer are already interested in purchasing.

There are several locations where you can present offers to your customers, such as:

  • When the add to cart button from the product page is selected.
  • When the checkout button is selected from the cart.
  • In the Cart Drawer.
  • In-Checkout, before they've completed their purchase in the Shopify checkout.
  • Post purchase, after they've completed their purchase in the Shopify checkout.

Third party checkout buttons such as PayPal, Google Pay, etc., do not trigger offers on the product or cart page. These payment methods can still be offered on the checkout page.

View each section to learn more about Upsell. When you are ready, visit Set up Bold Upsell.



Availability & installation

Bold Upsell is available via the Shopify app store. You can download it to your store using the following link:

Upsell is easily installed to your theme by enabling the necessary app embeds in your theme. Once Upsell is downloaded to your store, you can follow along with the in-app setup guide. If you prefer to install Upsell manually, please visit our Installation Guide for Bold Upsell.




Upsell comes with a 30-day free trial period for all new users, regardless of the plan selected.

Note:  All plans are available for free for development and sandbox (links to Shopify) stores. 

Upsell offers a new Standard Plan to all stores, starting at $9.99/month. Shopify Plus stores can also access the Shopify Plus Plan, starting at $399/month. These plans include access to all of Upsell’s features, with the exception of In-Checkout offers, which require a Shopify Plus store and plan. Upsell's plans are usage-based. The monthly price is adjusted after 30 days based on your monthly offer views or your store’s monthly order count, whichever is greater. See the following example and tables below for more information.


If you install Upsell for the first time on July 1, the plan fee is $9.99. If you have between 201-1000 Upsell views in 30 days, you are moved to the $24.99 plan going forward.

If you install Upsell for the the first time on July 1, the plan fee is $9.99. If you have between 101-250 orders between July 1 and August 1, you are moved to the $24.99 plan going forward.

With Upsell’s new pricing plan, your Upsell offer views don’t have a monthly limit. Views are unlimited so that you can upsell more without worrying about manual plan upgrades.


Upgrading a legacy plan to the new usage-based plan

Stores that have installed Upsell before June 7, 2024 on a legacy price plan can upgrade to the new usage-based plan for access to all Upsell features and unlimited views. To upgrade, please follow the steps below.

  1. Open Upsell, and navigate to Settings > Account Settings.
  2. Click See usage-based pricing for the selected plan to see more information about the plan fees.

    Note: Your first charge is based on your store’s Upsell offer views or order count (whichever is greater) over the last 30 days. For example, if you had between 201-1000 views or 101-250 orders over the last 30 days, the first charge is $24.99. This charge is adjusted every 30 days as shown in the in-app chart and the tables below.

  3. Click Upgrade Plan.
  4. Click Approve to accept charges.

View the tables below for more information on available features and usage-based plan pricing.


Features per plan


Standard Plan

Shopify Plus Plan

Unlimited offer creation

Upsells & cross-sells

Date & amount conditions

Reports & analytics

Cart Drawer offers

Customer Portal Upsells

Subscription Email Upsells


Smart Offers

In-Checkout Offers



Standard Plan pricing


Max orders

Max views





























60,000+ (unlimited)

400,000+ (unlimited)


Shopify Plus Plan pricing


Max orders

Max views











60,000+ (unlimited)

400,000+ (unlimited)





Unlimited Upsells & Cross-sells

Create as many offers as you'd like; upsells, cross-sells, Cart Drawer, In-Checkout, or post purchase offers. There is no limit to the number of offers you can create.

Upsells encourage your customers to upgrade their product and if accepted, replace an item in the customer's cart.


A customer has added a 1-pound bag of coffee to their cart, triggering an upsell offer. The offer is to purchase a 2-pound bag of coffee instead, for only $8 more. If they accept this offer, the 2-pound bag of coffee replaces the 1-pound bag.



Cross-sells are offers that get added alongside products in a customer's cart. These items are often complementary to an item that a customer has just added.


A customer has added an espresso machine to their cart, triggering a cross-sell offer. The offer is to purchase a coffee grinder as well. If they accept this offer, they will get both products.


Create as many offers as you'd like; there's no limit to this. However, we recommend to only create one offer per product.


Smart Offers

Create your offers manually, or let Upsell do all the work! Upsell’s Smart Offers feature fully automates the offer creation process for you by leveraging A.I. and your store's historical order data. Smart Offers take the guesswork out of creating the best converting offers for your store.

For more information, visit Smart Offers.


Post Purchase Offers

Post purchase Pop-up offers appear in the Shopify checkout once your customer has finished checking out. To incentivize your customers further, you can offer an additional discount as well.


Shopify Post Purchase Upsell


Cart Drawer Offers

Cart Drawer offers allow you to display a cross-sell offer right within the cart of your theme. You can easily customize the location of the offer within the app embed settings.


Upsell after cart items.png

Upsell Before Cart Items.png

This feature is available on the legacy Grow 5K Plan or higher, or all new plans, and requires AJAX cart functionality. For more information on creating this type of offer, please visit Create a Cart Drawer Offer.


In-Checkout Offers

In-Checkout offers allow you to display a cross-sell offer right within the Shopify checkout. These offers are easily customized using the app block, and can be displayed in several locations of the checkout.




This feature is available on the legacy Unlimited Plus plan or the new Shopify Plus Plan, and requires a Shopify Plus store. For more information on creating this type of offer, please visit Create an In-Checkout Offer.


Individual variant selection

Upsell allows you to create offers by product or by variant. Both the trigger and the offer can be based on a specific product or a specific variant. The choice is yours!



Upsell offers a series of reports and charts to show you how well your offers are performing.

You're able to see how many times the offers have been viewed, which products are being added to your customers' carts, and which offer products are being purchased.

This is a great way to strategically adjust your offers based on which are performing well.

Read more about Upsell's reporting.


Design & language customization

Fully customize the Upsell modal by changing the button language, adjusting the style using HTML and CSS in your theme, or use the theme app extension.

Check out our Custom Upsell Template Styles and our Bold Upsell CSS Styling Guide.


Upsell Funnels

Funnels allow you to present additional items to your customers, depending on whether they accept or decline the previous offer. Funnels also allows you to offer multiple cross-sells that may be relevant to their order.


A customer has added an espresso machine to their cart, triggering a Product Page Pop-up offer. The offer is asking if they want a coffee grinder to go along with their new machine, which they accept. The next funnel offer asks if they also like to try a new blend of espresso beans, which they decline. Finally, they are presented with a set of new espresso glasses, which they accept.

Funnels Example

Please visit Bold Upsell Overview: Offers for more information on how the Funnels feature works with Bold Upsell.




Bold Subscriptions

Bold Upsell integrates with Bold Subscriptions to allow you to create a variety of unique offers and help you increase your average order value as well as your life-time customer value. With this integration, you can create the following types of offers:

  • Upsell a Subscription - This allows you to convert a one-time purchase into a subscription.
  • Customer Portal Upsells - This allows you to present offers in the subscription customer portal.
  • Subscription Email Offers - This allows you to email product offers to existing subscribers in the subscription Upcoming Order email.
  • Cross-sell a one-time purchase when a customer is purchasing a subscription - This works with all trigger locations.

For more information on the integration between Upsell and Subscriptions, please visit Bold Upsell & Bold Subscriptions Integration.


Upsell a subscription example Gif


Bold Discounts

Upsell integrates with Bold Discounts to allow you to create Buy One Get One offers. In Discounts, you can use the Duplicate & Hide feature and display discounted products exclusively in the Upsell modal.

In these type of offers your customers must buy both items together in order to receive the discount. The discounted product is removed if the customer removes the first product when the Automatically remove items from the cart if the trigger or conditions are unmet setting is enabled.


Upsell with Discount V1

For more information on the integration between Upsell and Discounts, please visit Upsell & Bold Discounts Integration.


Third-party integrations

Bold Upsell has official integrations with both Yotpo and Video Greet.

Yotpo product ratings can be displayed on your offers in the pop-up modal. For more information, you can read about the integration on Yotpo's website.

Video Greet lets your customers add a special video message to gifts purchased from your store. Recipients can view their video greeting through a special portal page or a QR code. When integrated with Upsell, you can give your customers the opportunity to add a video greeting to their order within an Upsell offer. For more information, please visit Video Greet & Upsell Integration.

Upsell is also compatible with Shopify’s Multi Currency feature. When this is enabled, your offers are displayed in your customer’s local currency.