Create a Discount with Bold Discounts V1

Bold Discounts V1 allows you to create discount groups to select the products that you'd like to place on sale. Within the discount group, you can choose to discount your products by a percentage or a dollar amount.  

Create a discount group to place your entire store on sale, or select only a few products. You can also create daily deals using tags and smart collection of products.


Product prices are updated at a rate of roughly 1000 variants per hour.

This help article will go over different kind of discounts and how each discount can be setup in Discounts.






Bold Discounts V1 allows you to choose which products you want to be applied in a discount group.

Individual products can be found in the product selector by searching for collections, product types, smart collections, vendors, or by using a product title.

To create a discount group, please follow these steps below.




  1. From within Discounts, select Current Discounts.
  2. Select Create Discount.
  3. Enter a Discount Name.
  4. Enter a Discount Amount.
  5. Select a Discount Type.

    Note: You can select either a percentage or dollar amount discount.

  6. Choose Select Products.
  7. Select Add next to each of the products you would like to discount, or choose Select All Results for your entire store.

    Note: You can also filter your search results by product title, collection, vendor, and product type. Select your filter choice and then click Search to see all results for your filter choice.

  8. Select Continue with selected products.
  9. Optional: Select Enable Date Range.
    • Select a Start Date.
    • Enter a Start Time.
    • Select an End Date.
    • Select an End Time.
  10. Optional: Select Override cents and enter a cent amount.
  11. Optional: Enter a Discount Tag.

    Note: This tag can be used to create a smart collection for your sale products, such as a collection for daily deals. For more information, please see the information under Create Daily Deals below.

  12. Optional: Under Duplicate & Hide select Create a hidden duplicate (Liquid update required).

    Note: This feature is only needed if you have integrated Discounts V1 with Bold Upsell and are creating a discounted Upsell offer. For more information, please visit Bold Discounts V1 Bold Integrations.

  13. Select Create.
  14. Select the Toggle to enable the offer.

    Note: You can skip this step if you have entered a specific start time. The discount group will automatically enable itself at the time you have entered. The toggle will be green when the offer is enabled.

In order to edit or delete a discount group, the discount group must be deactivated (turned off) within Discounts V1 first.

Discount groups can be deactivated within Discounts by toggling the discount group from Active to Inactive:

Discount Toggle Example

Once the discount group has been turned off and the discount group has finished syncing, the View button will change to an Edit button. You can make all necessary changes, such as changing the discount amount, adding or removing products, or deleting the discount group by selecting the Edit button.

Edit or Delete a Discount Group

Discounts V1 allows you to pick and choose which products receive a discount when you create a discount group.

Please see Create a Discount Group located above for steps on how to create a discount in Discounts. When you get to step 7, choose the Select All Results button in the product selector rather than the Add button.

Select All Results

Discounts allows you to enter a Discount Tag when you create your discount group. Once the discount group is activated, it will automatically tag each item it places on sale with the tag name you've specified. You can then use that tag to create a smart collection of sale products.

To create a daily deals page, please follow the steps below.




  1. From within Shopify, select Products.
  2. Select Collections.
  3. Select Create collection.
  4. Enter a Title.
  5. Enter a Description.
  6. Under Conditions, select Product tag in the first drop-down box.
  7. Leave is equal to in the second drop-down box.
  8. Enter the Product Tag.
  9. Select Save collection.
  10. Select Online Store.
  11. Select Navigation.
  12. Select Main menu.
  13. Select Add menu item.
  14. Enter a Name for the navigation item.
  15. Select Collection from the Link drop-down menu.
  16. Select the collection you created (Daily Deals) from the drop-down menu.
  17. Select Add.
  18. Select Save.

After a collection has been created and the collection is assigned to a navigation link, you will need to follow the steps located above under Create a Discount Group and choose the collection.

Make sure you enter the exact Product Tag you entered in Step 8. To remove all the products from the page, deactivate the discount.




No, Discounts V1 will apply the discount to all variants of the product. It does not have the ability to apply discounts to specific variants only.

If you need to discount specific variants only, you can use to Bold Discounts Powered by Bold Price Rules. Please visit Bold Discounts V1 & Bold Discounts Powered by Price Rules (V2) Comparison for more information on each version and how to switch versions.

Discount groups cannot be rearranged within the Bold Discounts admin at this time. By default, the discount groups are sorted from oldest created at the top to newest created at the bottom.

To remove or add item(s) in a discount group you must deactivate the group, wait for the sync to complete, and then add or remove the product(s). Once this is done, you can reactivate the group to resume the sale for the other items in the discount group. 

When a sale product is in an active discount group, you will not be able to add or remove a product. 

On average, it takes between 60-90 minutes per 1000 variants. This is due to a limitation of how quickly we can access Shopify's severs to make these adjustments. Peak periods, such as Black Friday & Cyber Monday can take significantly longer.

If you apply two sales to the same product, Discounts V1 will use the discount applied first, and skip any other discounts. This prevents a product from being double discounted by mistake.

Discounts does this by tagging each item that it places on sale with hidden meta-fields. Any product that has Discounts' meta-fields attached to it will be skipped from being discounted.

Visit Metafields (links to Shopify) for more information on this.

Offers in discount groups cannot be edited or deleted while they are active, you must turn it off first. Deactivate the discount group and allow the sync to complete before editing or deleting.

When placing a sale on a collection, all products (active and archived) within that collection will be discounted. It is important to note that any archived products in your collection will increase the time it takes to sync the discount group.

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