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Custom Pricing & Shopify POS Integration

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Custom Pricing integrates with Shopify Point of Sale when on the Complete plan. With this integration, Customer Pricing discounts are automatically applied to your customers orders within Shopify POS.

This article provides instructions on how to connect Custom Pricing to Shopify POS, create an order, and outlines some important considerations.

Alert: This integration is compatible with Custom Pricing Accelerated Method (V3) only.




Custom Pricing applies its discounts via the Shopify POS Discount section. This happens when the following is true:

  • The product is discounted in Custom Pricing, the customer has a relevant Custom Pricing tag, and both the product and the customer are added to the cart.
  • The products have quantity breaks discounts in Custom pricing and multiple products are added to the cart.

    Note: If quantity breaks discounts are only available to specific customers, those customers must have the relevant tag and be added to the cart as well.

When the products and customers are added to the cart, the discount is applied and is noted as from Bold Custom Pricing. This note also appears on the order in the Shopify admin.

Discount applied



Important considerations

  • The last discount applied to an order will override all previously applied discounts — this includes Custom Pricing discounts.
  • Custom Pricing is not able to change the price of the product on the POS product page. Discounts are only shown in the cart.
  • The quantity breaks grid is not able to display on the POS product page. Quantity breaks discounts are only shown in the cart when multiple products are added.





Video Walkthrough

There are two different ways to integrate Custom Pricing with your Shopify POS app. You can add Custom Pricing from within your POS app or via the Shopify admin. Please follow the instructions below based on your preferred method.

Method 1: POS app

To integrate Custom Pricing with Shopify POS in the POS app, please follow the steps below.

  1. From the home page of the Shopify POS app, click Add tile from the menu at the bottom of the page.

    Add tile

  2. Select App.

    Add App tile

  3. Select Bold Custom Pricing.

    Bold Custom Pricing app

  4. Click Add.


  5. Click Save.



Method 2: Shopify admin

To integrate Custom Pricing with Shopify POS via the Shopify admin, please follow the steps below.

Note: All locations are added when Custom Pricing is enabled in the Shopify admin Point of Sale.

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Sales channels > Point of Sale.

    Click Point of Sale

  2. Click Settings.

    Click Settings

  3. Click POS apps.

    Click POS apps

  4. Click Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale.

    Click Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale

  5. Click Add to all.

    Click Add to all

  6. Click Save.



Apply a Custom Pricing discount to an order in POS

Alert: Please ensure your Custom Pricing discounts and tags have been created in Custom Pricing and the tags are applied to your customers’ accounts using the method relevant to your needs.

To apply a Custom Pricing discount to your customer’s order in Shopify POS, please follow the steps below.

  1. From the Shopify POS, navigate to Products.


  2. Select a product with a discount in Custom Pricing, and click Add to cart.

    Click Add to cart

  3. Navigate to the Customers page.

    Customers page

  4. Click on a customer with a relevant Custom Pricing tag to select them.

    Note: You can filter your customers by tag to ensure that customer has the relevant Custom Pricing tag.

  5. Click Add to cart.

    Add customer to cart

  6. Navigate to the Home page. You should see the Bold Custom Pricing discount automatically added to the order.

    Discount applied

  7. Checkout as normal.