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Auto-Tagging Rules & Country-Specific Pricing

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If you have enabled the Premium or higher plan of Custom Pricing, you can automatically tag your customers based on country or by order history. If you choose to auto-tag by history, you will be able to choose between how much your customers spend or the number of orders made.

When an auto-tag rule has been met for a customer, the tag will be applied to the customer's account during the next batch cycle. A batch cycle runs once per day at 12:00 AM, CST. When tagging by product, please note that they will not receive their discount on this order. The tag is only added after the initial purchase is made.

Your customer pricing tags and product pricing groups should be set-up before continuing with this guide.


Setup auto-tagging rules or country-specific pricing

  1. From within Custom Pricing, select Manage Tags.
  2. Select the ellipsis beside the tag you want to adjust, then select Edit.
  3. Under Auto tag by, select By History or By Country.

    Note: You can also select By Product for your auto-tagging rules.

  4. Select Modify.
  5. If you chose By History, continue with the steps below.
    1. Select the condition.

      Note: You can set up history-based auto-tagging rules using the number of orders made, or amount of money spent.

    2. Select is equal to, is less than or is greater than.
    3. Enter a Dollar amount, or Order amount.
    4. Select the plus symbol and repeat Steps 1-4 until all your conditions are satisfied for this tag.
    5. Select Done.
    6. Select the Checkmark to save the changes.
  6. If you chose By Country, continue with the steps below.
    1. Select Billing Address or Shipping Address.

      Note: The app will use whichever one of these addresses that you choose to decide what auto-tagging rules will apply to your customer's account.

    2. Select a country.
    3. Select the plus symbol beside your selected country and repeat Steps 1-4 until your desired country list is selected.
    4. Select Done.
    5. Select the Checkmark to save the changes.



Setup auto-tagging emails

  1. From within your Custom Pricing app, select SettingsEmail.
  2. Under Tags, select your desired tag.
  3. Select the checkbox next to Check if you want an email to be sent.
  4. Enter an email in the From Email box.

    Note: This is the email that customers will see when they receive something from you.

    Fill in the from email

  5. Fill in the Email Subject.
  6. Select File, then New document.
  7. Fill in the body of the email template with the content you would like to send to your customers.
  8. Select Save.
  9. Repeat Steps 2 - 8 for all other tags.