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Custom Pricing has a module called Quantity Breaks, which allows you to offer volume-based discounts to your customers. These discounts are applied based on how many products your customers purchase.

You can create various quantity discounts for specific customers using customer tags, or make quantity breaks discounts available to all customers.

Note: The Quantity Breaks feature is available on Select, Standard Select, Premium Select, and Complete plans. For more information, please visit Custom Pricing Overview & Pricing.




Custom Pricing displays a widget on your product pages that outline your quantity discounts. This widget shows on each product that has an associated Quantity Break discount.

Below is an example of a product that has a quantity discount applied:

Quantity Break Grid example

Your customers automatically receive a discount when they add the required number of products to their cart. The grid can also be customized to fit your theme.




When the Quantity Breaks plan is enabled in Custom Pricing, products that are applied via Product Pricing Groups can be discounted in one of three different ways:

  1. Apply Customer Quantity Pricing per individual variants - Customers need to purchase multiples of the exact same variant in order to receive a quantity-based discount. Example: 5 large-size red shirts.
  2. Apply Customer Quantity Pricing per product - Customers need to purchase multiples of the same product in order to receive a quantity-based discount. Example: 5 red shirts.
  3. Mix & Match - Customers can purchase multiples of any products with the same mix & match label to receive a quantity-based discount. Example: 2 products from Group A, and 3 products from Group B that both use the "GOLD-STATUS" mix & match label.

Products can receive quantity breaks discounts at a percentage off, dollar amount off, or a new fixed price on a specific product.



Creating Quantity Breaks

You can create quantity breaks using Product Pricing Groups or add them individually to your Detailed Pricing.

By default the product discounts in Detailed Pricing override the discounts set for that product in price groups and default pricing.


If you have a discount of 10% off in a Product Pricing Group, and discount of 15% off in Detailed Pricing on the same product, the 15% off discount will be applied to that product.