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Looking to get Custom Pricing set-up and running? Follow this comprehensive step-by-step guide and you will soon be ready to launch your wholesale service.

Pro-tip: If you prefer to follow along with an in-app guided checklist, please visit Activate Custom Pricing.



1. Install Custom Pricing

To install Bold Custom Pricing on your Shopify store, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Bold Custom Pricing page in the Shopify app store.
  2. If it prompts you, enter your store URL.
  3. Accept the App Permissions, then select Install App.
  4. Select Start Free Trial to approve the future monthly charges.

    Note: If you have previously installed Custom Pricing, you are prompted to pay the first month's fee right away.

  5. Read through and accept the terms and conditions.



2. Choose a price plan in Custom Pricing

Bold Custom Pricing has a variety of price plans currently available. For more information on the features included within each plan, please visit our Custom Pricing Overview & Pricing .

When Custom Pricing is installed on your store, the default plan is set to Customer Pricing.

To adjust which plan your store is currently on, please follow these steps:

  1. From within the Bold Custom Pricing app, select Settings.
  2. Select Account & Billing.
  3. Select Turn On next to the plan that you would like to enable.
  4. Select Update Plan.
  5. Select Approve subscription.
  6. Select Accept and Continue under the terms and conditions.

Note: If your store is currently on a free trial, turning on another plan does not affect this trial on your store.



3. Install Custom Pricing to your Shopify theme

Bold Custom Pricing must be installed to your theme in order to work correctly. This ensures that the discounts reflect properly on the storefront and the quantity break table appears correctly on product pages.

For more information, please visit our Installation Guide for Custom Pricing.



4. Enable customer accounts

Bold Custom Pricing utilizes your Shopify customer accounts to provide your wholesale customers with access to their discounts.

If customer accounts are not enabled on your Shopify site, your customers are not be able to access their wholesale pricing.

Please visit Shopify's help article for more information on enabling customer accounts.



5. Select a discount method

Bold Custom Pricing offers three different discount methods that applies the discounts set in the app differently on the storefront, as well as changes some of the storefront functionality of the app.

There are currently three different discount methods available in Custom Pricing:

  1. Variant Dependant Method - With this method, Custom Pricing creates a duplicate variant for each customer level/tag associated with that product. These duplicate variants are an exact copy of the ones that already exist, but have the discounted price you applied.
  2. Draft Order Method - With this method, a draft order is created and processed (with the customer's discount) when they select the checkout button.
  3. Accelerated Draft Order Method - With this method, a draft order is also created (with the customer's discount) and processed when they select the checkout button.

Each discount method comes with some benefits and limitations, so it's important to use the best discount method that works for you.

For more information on each discount method, please visit Discount Methods and How to Switch.



6. Create & apply a customer pricing tag

Customer pricing tags are how the app knows which of your customers receive wholesale discounts and what that discount amount is.

You're able to name each tag, set a discount, and decide whether or not to charge taxes in the checkout. You'll need to either manually assign them to your customer's account in order for them to receive the wholesale discount when they are logged in or use the auto-tagging rule feature available on the Customer Pricing Premium plan or higher.

Note: Tags are case-sensitive and must be entered exactly the same between Custom Pricing and the Customer edit page.

Example: A tag of VIP must be entered as VIP in the Shopify admin.

Visit Create, Edit or Delete Customer Tags for more information on how to set up these tags and assign them to your customer accounts.



7. Create tiered discounts

Bold Custom Pricing currently has two different ways that you can set individual tiered discounts across your products. You can set discounts to your products by either creating Product Pricing Groups, or in the Detailed Pricing section.


Product Pricing Groups

Product pricing groups allow you to select which of your products you want to offer wholesale pricing for.

You can specify either a discount percentage, amount off, or set fixed prices for each of your wholesale tiers.

With the Quantity Breaks module enabled, you're also able to set additional discounts for customers who purchase multiples of a specific product.

Visit Create, Edit or Delete Product Pricing Groups for more information on how to set up these groups.


Detailed Pricing

Note: Detailed Pricing is only available on the Customer Pricing Premium plan or higher.

Custom Pricing also provides you with the ability to create detailed pricing on a per item/per price group basis. You can specify each product's price or discount amount for your pricing groups as opposed to offering a general discount with a Product Price Group across multiple items.

You're able to decide what discount amounts you want to apply on a per-variant/per-customer tag basis. You can set a percentage off, amount off, or set a fixed price.

You can also bulk import tiered discounts for some or all of your products using Detailed Pricing.

For more information, please visit our Detailed Pricing Overview.