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Fixed Shipping Rates in Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout

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Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout gives you the ability to define fixed shipping rates by country. You can create one shipping rate for customers located in your local country, another rate for the rest of the world, or create separate rates for each individual country you serve.

This article outlines some important considerations as well as the functionality and setup of fixed shipping rates in Bold Subscriptions.



Important considerations

  • Only one fixed shipping rate can be defined per country.
  • When defining a fixed shipping rate within Bold Subscriptions, a corresponding delivery profile is created within Shopify. This profile is only accessible through Shopify's APIs. To ensure your fixed shipping rates function properly it's important that these clearly marked profiles are not edited when using Shopify's Shipping APIs.




Once you create fixed shipping rates within Bold Subscriptions, your rates are applicable to all new subscription orders.

You can sync your subscriber’s existing shipping rates to the new fixed rates once they have been defined, or allow them to automatically update only when your customer updates their order. Unless you choose to sync your rates, your existing subscribers will continue to receive their subscription with their original shipping rate until an update to their subscription occurs. Updates include shipping information changes or product updates.

If a shipping rate is not defined for a particular country within Bold Subscriptions, your Shopify shipping rates will be used.

Customer view

If an order has both a one-time purchase and a subscription product together, your customer will see two rates in the checkout. One for the one-time purchase product, and one for the subscription product.


In this example, the one-time purchase product is using your default rates created in Shopify. The subscription product is eligible for a fixed shipping rate for the rest of the world (ROTW).





  1. From within Bold Subscriptions, navigate to Settings > General settings.
  2. Enable Use a fixed shipping rate by sliding the toggle to the right.

    Use a fixed shipping rate

  3. Select a shipping country.
  4. Enter a name for this shipping zone.

    Note: Each name should be unique.

  5. Enter a rate.

    Fixed shipping rate settings

  6. Optional: Add more fixed rates by clicking Add another fixed rate.
  7. Under Apply fixed shipping rates to, select one of the following options:
    1. Only new subscriptions
    2. All subscriptions

      Note: Selecting this option will apply your fixed shipping rates to your existing subscriber's orders.

      1. Wait for the sync to complete.
      2. Optional: Select Download Report.
  8. Select Save.