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Peel Analytics & Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout Integration

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Peel Analytics is a third-party business intelligence integration that automatically tracks and analyzes your post-purchase data so that you can make informed decisions regarding your ecommerce business model.

Peel offers 37 automated subscription metrics that you can leverage for a more detailed analysis of your subscription business. These metrics are calculated for you without the need to manage any type of data cleaning, tagging, or downloading of datasets or formulas themselves; it is 100% automated.

All 37 of these subscription metrics can be segmented by products, locations, or subscription types. Identifiers include: cancellation reason, day of the month, day of the week, order frequency, and pre-paid.

This article will list all of the metrics that your store will automatically have access to, outline the price plans for Peel Analytics, and show you how to set up the integration.

Peel Analytics cannot work on development stores. You must have data from live orders and payments processed for this integration.




The following is a list of all metrics your store will automatically have access to.


  • Active Subscribers
  • Active Subscriptions
  • Churned Subscribers
  • Churned Subscriptions
  • Duration of Active Subscriptions
  • Duration of Active Subscribers
  • Duration of Churned Subscriptions
  • Duration of Churned Subscribers
  • MRR
  • Subscribers Churn Rate
  • Subscribers Growth Rate
  • Subscriptions Churn Rate
  • Subscriptions Growth Rate
  • Net Sales - Subscribers
  • Net Sales - New Subscribers
  • Net Sales - Existing Subscribers
  • New Subscribers
  • New Subscriptions
  • Total Sales (Subscribers)
  • Subscription Revenue Rate

Subscription Cohorts

  • Active Subscriptions per Cohort
  • Active Subscribers per Cohort
  • Cumulative MRR per Subscription
  • Cumulative MRR per Subscriber
  • Lifetime Revenue per Subscriber
  • Lifetime Revenue per Subscriber Cohort
  • Lifetime Revenue per Subscription
  • Lifetime Revenue per Subscription Cohort
  • MRR per Active Subscription
  • MRR per Active Subscriber
  • MRR per Subscribers Cohort
  • MRR per Subscriptions Cohort

Subscription Activations

  • Activation Rate
  • Days to Activation
  • New OTP Subscribers
  • Rate of One-Time to Subscriber
  • Subscribers Rate




Peel Analytics offers different plan levels starting at $149/month and are based on the amount of orders your store processes per month. They also offer a 15 day free trial.

For more information, please visit Peel Analytics Pricing.




Before enabling the integration between Bold Subscriptions and Peel Analytics, you will need to create an account in Bold Account Center. For step-by-step instructions, please visit Create & Connect a Bold Account.

  1. Install Peel Analytics to your Shopify store.
  2. Allow your data to sync.

    Note: This can take 24 hours up to several days.

  3. Once the sync is complete, add Bold as a data source. Go to the Peel admin > Data section in the left side menu.
  4. Select Connections and Datasets.
  5. Select Add Datasource.
  6. Find and select Bold V2 to connect.
  7. Log into your Bold Account Center account.

    Note: If you are already logged in, this step will not be shown.

  8. Select Approve for all permissions.

Pro-Tip: You can create custom Dashboards and Slices within the Peel Analytics admin.