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ProsperStack & Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout Integration

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ProsperStack integrates with Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout to manage your cancellation flow and help reduce customer churn. You can increase your retention by presenting and applying offers to customers who are looking to cancel, collect feedback, track recovered revenue, and more.




ProsperStack manages your store’s subscription cancellation process when their form is integrated with Bold Subscriptions.

In ProsperStack, you can create targeted survey questions and collect data when customers attempt to cancel their subscription. ProsperStack allows you to automatically present discount codes or pause subscriptions based on answers and customer segments.




ProsperStack offers the following features:

  • Customizable flows. Add your logo, videos, custom text, banners, and more. Use custom CSS to style and match your brand.
  • Cancellation survey questions. Customize your own questions and display them conditionally based on customer segment or previous answers.
  • Conditional offers & deflections. Offer to pause your customers' subscriptions or present a discount code based on customer segments or previous answers.
  • Customer Segmentation. Segment your customers based on their status, value, product, plan, and more.
  • A/B testing & insights. Test multiple flows to find the one that offers the best retention rate.
  • Detailed churn & recovered revenue reports. Quickly find out how much revenue you’ve recovered or lost through your cancellation flows.




ProsperStack has several price plans available. Plans are based on the features you’d like to access as well as the number of cancellation sessions you require.

For more information, please visit ProsperStack’s pricing page.




To integrate ProsperStack with Bold Subscriptions, you first need to create an account in Bold Account Center. For detailed instructions, please visit Create and Connect & Connect a Bold Account.

Once this is complete, log into your ProsperStack account and follow the steps in ProsperStack’s setup documentation.