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Set up and Manage the Customer Portal

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Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout offers your customers the ability to manage their own subscriptions in the customer portal.

Customers can access the customer portal by to logging into their Shopify customer account via your storefront and selecting the Manage Subscriptions link, or you can enable passwordless login and place the Manage Subscriptions link in your storefront navigation. 

This article provides information about the customer portal setup, permissions, and more.



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1. Complete the Subscriptions installation

The customer portal page is created during the installation process. By default, this page is titled Manage Subscriptions. You can place the Manage Subscriptions link in within the Shopify customer account page or another location of your choice. These steps are completed during the installation process.

You can install Bold Subscriptions via the onboarding flow or manually. For more information, please visit one of the following articles:


2. Enable Shopify customer accounts

In order for your customers to access the customer portal,  Shopify customer accounts must be enabled on your store. 

As Shopify makes new customer accounts available to merchants, we are working to support this feature in Bold Subscriptions. At this time we recommend to use classic customer accounts to ensure your customers are still able to access their customer portal.

Once your Shopify customer accounts are enabled, your customers will see a login link in the header of your store and in the checkout. How this appears on your storefront is dependent on your theme.

For more information on Shopify's customer accounts, please visit Shopify's support article.


3. Review your customer portal settings

In the customer portal settings, you can select which actions can be performed by your customers when managing their subscriptions.

By default, as long as the customer portal is accessible to your customers, they can perform the following actions:

  • Change their product quantity
  • Update their shipping address
  • Update their customer information (name, shipping address, email)
  • Update their payment method and billing address
  • Add or remove a discount code
  • Swap a subscription product

The following section outlines the additional permissions you can enable in the customer portal.

To adjust the Customer Portal settings in the Bold Subscriptions admin, navigate to Settings > Customer portal.

Customer permissions


Customer permissions

Customer can pause and resume their subscriptions

When this setting is enabled, your subscribers are able to put their subscriptions on hold whenever they need to, for as long as they need. During this time, they will not be billed or receive any orders that have not yet been sent.

This feature is different than skipping an order since your customer will need to manually resume the subscription. If you prefer not to give your customers this functionality, keep the toggle turned off. You will still be able to pause and resume your customers' subscriptions on their behalf from within the app admin.

Customer can change their next order date

When this setting is enabled, your customers can change their next order to date within the customer portal. This is helpful for customers who would like to receive their next order earlier or later than scheduled.

Customers will have a choice to either update all future orders from the new date selected, or only change the next order.

This setting only applies to subscriptions that are not on fixed intervals such as every Monday or the 15th of the month.

Customer can cancel their subscriptions

When enabled, this setting will allow your customers to cancel their own subscriptions through the customer portal. 

If this feature is not enabled, then this option will hide the Cancel subscription option from your customers in their customer portal. Customers will only be able to cancel their subscriptions by contacting your store directly.

Customer can change their prepaid renewal method

Enabling this setting allows your customer to change the default renewal method on a prepaid subscription in the customer portal. For example, if you set the prepaid subscription to renew as a prepaid subscription once all the orders have been fulfilled, your customer can change this to renew as a regular subscription or expire.

Customer can change their order frequency

When this setting is enabled, your customers will be able to change the frequency of their orders within the customer portal. This is helpful for customers who find they need more or less of your subscription product on an ongoing basis. 

Customers will only be able to choose from the frequencies that are already available on the subscription product.

Customer can create an additional order

This setting will place an Order Now button beside the active subscription products in the customer portal. This will allow your customer to create an additional order at anytime. When the Order Now button is selected, the order will generate within the hour. The next order dates will automatically be adjusted to the frequency they had already selected.

Customer can add products to their existing subscriptions

This setting will allow you and your customers to add an additional product to their subscription. The ability to add the additional product as a one-time or recurring purchase will depend on the options you have available for the product. As an admin, you will need to use the Log into the Customer Portal as the Customer feature. For more information, please visit Subscription Management: Merchant Perspective in Subscription for Shopify Checkout.

Customer can access customer portal using passwordless login

This setting allows your customer to access the customer portal from a storefront link (placed manually by you), without the need to create an account or password. For more information, please visit Passwordless Login in Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout.

Replace storefront account login with passwordless manage subscription page

This setting replaces your Shopify store’s customer account login with the passwordless login page leading to the customer portal. For more information, please visit Passwordless Login in Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout.


Admin customer portal link

By default, this field contains the URL to your customer portal page. If you change the name of your customer portal page, you must update the link here as well.

The correct URL must be present in this field in order for passwordless login and the Log in as Customer feature to function correctly. For more information on using either of these features, please visit the following articles:




Manage Subscriptions

Once Bold Subscriptions is set up on your store and your customers have subscription orders, you can manage your customer's subscriptions on their behalf or allow them to manage their own depending on the settings you have enabled in the customer portal.

As the store admin, you are not limited by the permissions you restrict for your customers when making changes to their subscriptions, unless you are using the Login as Customer feature.

For a full list of the adjustments you can make to your customer's subscriptions, please visit Subscription Management: Merchant Perspective.

For a list of adjustments your customers can make to their own subscriptions, please visit Subscription Management: Customer Perspective.




You can customize the colors and style of the customer portal using CSS or translate the language. These adjustments require advanced technical skill. For more information, please visit Customize the Customer Portal.