Create a Standard Subscription Group

Setting up a subscription group on your store will allow your customers to purchase any of your products on a recurring basis. 

Within Bold Subscriptions V2, you can create a group to determine which products you would like to offer to your customers as a subscription. You can set the frequency options, and even offer a discount incentive for subscribing.

At this time, only standard subscriptions can be created within Bold Subscriptions V2. Please visit Bold Subscriptions V1 & V2 Comparison for more information on the features available.


Once your subscription groups are set up, please visit Customize Subscription Widget for more information on adjusting the language or styling on your product pages.



Once a standard subscription group has been created and activated within Bold Subscriptions, a subscription widget will appear on the product page that customers will use to select their options to purchase.

Subscription Widget


If you would like to remove the One-time purchase only option, you can enable the setting on the product page within Shopify to Only allow purchase of this product as a subscription. This will ensure the product can only be purchased as a subscription.

Subscription only setting



When a subscription product is added to your customer's cart, they will be able to continue shopping. This means that multiple items can be added to the cart prior to your customer checking out. This is referred to as Multiple Cart Mode, as it allows both subscriptions and one time purchases to be added to the cart and purchased at the same time.

At this time, Single Cart Mode is not available for Shopify's checkout.



The Subscription frequency options allow you to choose how often your recurring orders are generated. These options will be available for your customers to select when they purchase a subscription on your store.


Non-Fixed Subscription Frequency

With non-fixed frequencies, orders will recur based on the day of your customers initial purchase. Because of this, each customer can have a different date at which their order will reoccur.

Daily subscriptions will recur every number of days you select, starting from the time of your customer's initial purchase.

Weekly subscriptions will recur every number of weeks, on the same day of the week that the original order was placed. For example, if an initial order is placed on a Thursday, the recurring order will complete every following Thursday on a weekly basis. If it is placed on a Monday, it will recur every Monday.

Monthly subscriptions will recur every number of months you select, on the same day of the month as the original order. If an order was placed on the 15th, it will recur every month on the 15th. If an order was placed on the 31st, the order for the next month will use the next closest date. For example, an order placed on Jan 31st will recur on feb 28th, or in the case of a leap year, it will recur on the 29th.

Yearly subscriptions will recur every number of years you select, on the month and day that the original order was placed.


Fixed Subscription Frequency

Fixed subscription frequencies are subscriptions that recur at fixed intervals. For example, they could recur each month on the 15th or every week on Monday. This is different from non-fixed subscription frequencies because regardless of when the order was placed, all orders recur at the same time.

When using a fixed subscription frequency, you may want to use cutoff days. This feature is useful to ensure that the recurring order does not take place too soon after the initial subscription purchase on your store.

When using cutoff days, you are able to set a number of days before the recurring order is scheduled as a cutoff time. Initial orders that are created before the cutoff will be included in the upcoming recurring charge date. Orders created after the cutoff time, will not be charged again until the next cycle. The number of cutoff days used will depend on your fulfillment cycle.


Configuring Subscription Frequencies for Cutoff Days

The cutoff day controls are available with the respective recurrence type when using the following settings under the Advanced Settings.

You are able to specify a day of the week or month where orders are generated. Advanced options such as RRULES allow for frequencies to match your fulfillment cycles using cut-off days.

For more information on custom frequencies, please visit our RRULES in Bold Subscriptions article.



When creating your subscription, you will be presented with multiple features that can be enabled within the group.


Once you create a Subscription group, you are able to also create a Test Order for that product through Shopify Payments. For more information, please visit Shopify's article on Creating a Test Payment on your store.

For an explanation of these features and a step-by-step on creating your subscription group, please follow the steps below.

  1. Within Bold Subscriptions, select Subscription Groups.

  2. Select Create Subscription Group.

  3. Enter a Group name.

    Note: This is an internal name, your customers will not see it.

  4. Select Select Products.

  5. Select the checkbox beside all of the products you'd like to include in the group.

    Note: At this time, digital products will not require a shipping address be entered in the checkout.

  6. Select Confirm.

  7. Set your Subscription Frequency. Select Days, Weeks, Months or Years.

  8. Select Show advanced options.

    There are a few different options to choose from:

    On Purchase Day
    This will cause the customer's subscription to renew based on the first date of their purchase.

    On a Specific Day of the Month
    This will cause the customer's subscription to renew on the same day every month; regardless of their date of purchase.

    Note: If this option is selected, you will see the optional feature to Use cutoff days. For more information on cutoff days, please see What Are Cutoff Days? below in the FAQs.

  9. Enter Frequency name.

  10. Select Save Frequency.

  11. Select Add new frequency and repeat steps 7 - 10 for additional frequency intervals.
  12. Select Offer a discount for subscribing. (optional)

    Note: This provides a Subscribe & Save! incentive to your customers. Discounts applied within this area for Bold Subscriptions V2 will be reoccurring on every order for this product.

  13. Select Save Changes.

Offer as Subscription only

By default, all products added to the Subscriptions app will be available as recurring purchases, or one-time purchases. Setting the subscription to only allow purchase of this product as a subscription will remove the option for a one-time purchase on the product page widget. 

If you would like your items to be available by subscription only, please follow these steps:

  1. Once you're done creating your subscriptions, navigate to the Shopify admin.
  2. Select Products > All Products.
  3. Find a subscription product.
  4. Select Only allow purchase of this product as a subscription.
  5. Select Save.

Subscription only setting




Currently, there is a limit of 250 products per Subscription group.


No, when a product is selected in a subscription group, all of the variants that exist for the product will be available to purchase as a recurring subscription.


No, all existing subscriptions will remain at the same price. All existing subscriptions would need to be updated one by one in order to reflect the new price set from within your Shopify admin.


If a subscription widget has been activated in Bold Subscriptions and is not appearing on the storefront, this can result in one of the following:

  • Your payment gateway is not connected. In order for the subscriptions widget to appear on the product page, your store must use Shopify Payments, PayPal Express, or to process your customer's payments. Please visit Shopify Payments for more information on setting up and configuring Shopify Payments on your store.
  • Missing Liquid Code/Incomplete Installation. In order for the subscription widget to appear on the product page, a liquid code update is needed on your store's theme. Please visit Installation Guide for Bold Subscriptions V2 for steps that you can follow to request a liquid code installation or complete the installation yourself.


Since Bold Subscriptions uses your store's Shopify checkout to process orders, this means that many of the adjustments made are done directly within Shopify.

  • Shipping Rates - Bold Subscriptions will use the shipping rates that you have set in your Shopify admin to determine the costs for your customers. This can be adjusted within the Settings > Shipping and delivery area of your store.
  • Tax Rates - Tax Rates are also determined by what has been se in your Shopify settings admin. The Bold Subscriptions app will pull these rates and apply them to your customers orders on your store.


No, there currently isn't a setting in Bold Subscriptions V2 that allows you to charge a one-time fee for only the first order. Bold Subscriptions does not have the ability to charge a higher price rate for a product, it can only discount the product price via a discount code or a recurring discount in the subscription group's settings.

This kind of customization would need to be added by either a third party developer or our Partners team. If you are interested in getting this customization added to your store, you can reach our Partners team by filling out the following form here.


A free subscription can be offered to a customer by providing the customer with a discount code that discounts the entire order by 100%.

Discount codes can be created in the Shopify admin under Discounts. Please visit Create discount codes for steps on creating a discount code in your Shopify admin. 


You can select individual customers that the discount code applies to when creating a discount code in your Shopify admin. This allows you to target specific customers that are eligible for the discount code.


Recurring orders within Bold Subscriptions V2 occur at 12 AM, within your stores time zone.

When you have customer subscriptions that are set to renew, a transaction will be sent from Bold Subscriptions to Shopify Payments on the same day that the subscriptions are set to renew. Once the transaction has been successfully processed within Shopify Payments, an order for all successful transactions will be generated based on the Daily processing time set on your store:

Daily Processing Time

If a transaction fails due to a payment or inventory related issue (invalid credit card, expired credit card, insufficient inventory, etc.), an order will not be generated in your Shopify admin. Bold Subscriptions will attempt to renew the subscription again using the applied settings in Bold Subscriptions under Settings > Dunning management:

Dunning Management


Digital products should work with Bold Subscriptions V2. However, purchasing this type of subscription will not prompt your customer to enter a shipping address within the checkout.

If a digital product is swapped with a physical product after the initial purchase, they will be prompted to enter a shipping address at that time.


No. Dynamic "Buy Now" buttons on your product pages will skip the necessary "add to cart" functionality that Bold Subscriptions V2 requires when your customers add products to the checkout. This may cause orders being processed without created as a subscription on your store.

To remove this button from your store, please follow the steps on the Dynamic Checkout Buttons on Shopify article.


Yes. You can swap out a customer's product for another product from within the app admin. To view the steps on how to do this, please visit Subscription Management V2: Merchant Perspective and see Swap a Product Within an Existing Subscription.


You are only able to swap between products within the same subscription group. If the product is not inside of the existing subscription group, you can change the product's subscription group. Please visit Subscription Management V2: Merchant Perspective and view the steps under Change a Product's Subscription Group.


When a customer subscribes to a product from your store, the initial charge will be taken immediately at the time of purchase. Cutoff days are used to prevent a subscriber's initial and second orders from occurring too close together, resulting in the customer being charged twice before receiving their first product.

This feature enables you to better match the billing cycle to your fulfilment cycle.


If your billing date is on the 15th, setting your cutoff days to 5 will mean all initial orders placed on or after the 10th will not be charged again on the next recurring date, and will instead move to the next subscription cycle. If you need more time between the first and second order, you can increase the number of cutoff days.

Typically, we recommend 15 cutoff days for monthly subscriptions, but it can vary across different cases.

Cutoff days example

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