Create a Standard Subscription Group


Setting up a subscription group on your store is great to allow your customers to purchase any of your products on a recurring basis.

Within Bold Subscriptions, you can create a group which determines which products you would like to offer your customers as a Subscription. You can select each of the item(s) you want to include in the group, how frequently your customers will receive their products, and even offer them an incentive discount for subscribing.


Once your subscription groups are set up, please visit our Customize Subscription Widget for more information on adjusting the language or styling on your product pages.




When creating your subscription, you will be presented with multiple features that can be enabled within the group.


Once you create a Subscription group, you are able to also create a Test Order for that product through Shopify Payments. For more information, please visit Shopify's article on Creating a Test Payment on your store.

For an explanation of these features and a step-by-step on creating your subscription group, please follow these steps:

  1. Within Bold Subscriptions, select Subscription Groups.

  2. Select Create Subscription Group.

  3. Enter a Group name.

    Note: This is an internal name, your customers will not see it.

  4. Select Select Products.

  5. Select the checkbox beside all of the products you'd like to include in the group.

  6. Select Confirm.

  7. Set your Subscription Frequency. Select Days, Weeks, Months or Years.

  8. Select Show advanced options.

    There are a few different options to choose from:

    On Purchase Day
    This will cause the customer's subscription to renew based on the first date of their purchase.

    On specific day of the month
    This will cause the customer's subscription to renew on the same day every month; regardless of their date of purchase.

  9. Enter Frequency name.

  10. Select Save Frequency.

  11. Select Offer a discount for subscribing (optional).

    This provides a "Subscribe & Save!" incentive to your customers.

  12. Select Save Changes.



Offer as Subscription only

By default, all products added to the Subscriptions app will be available as recurring purchases, or one-time purchases. Setting the subscription as "only to be purchased as a subscription" will remove the option for a one-time purchase on the product page widget. 

If you would like your items to be available by subscription only, please follow these steps:

  1. Once you're done creating your subscriptions, navigate to the Shopify admin.
  2. Select Products > All Products.
  3. Find a subscription product.
  4. Select "Only allow purchase of this product as a subscription"
  5. Select Save.




Select the question to view each answer:

Currently, there is a limit of 250 products that could be added per Subscription group.

No, when a product is selected in a subscription group, all of the variants that exist for the product will be available to purchase as a recurring subscription.

No, all existing subscriptions will remain at the same price. All existing subscriptions would need to be updated one by one in order to reflect the new price set from within your Shopify admin.

If a subscription widget has been activated in Bold Subscriptions and is not appearing on the storefront, this can result in one of the following: 
  • Shopify Payments is not connected: In order for the subscriptions widget to appear on the product page, Shopify Payments must be connected in your Shopify admin as your payment gateway. 

    Please visit Shopify Payments for more information on setting up and configuring Shopify Payments on your store.

  • Missing Liquid Code/Incomplete Installation: In order for the subscription widget to appear on the product page, a liquid code update is needed on your store's theme.

    Please visit Installation Guide for Bold Subscriptions V2 for steps that you can follow to request a liquid code installation or complete the installation yourself.

Since Bold Subscriptions uses your stores' Shopify checkout to process orders, this means that many of the adjustments made are done directly within Shopify.

Shipping Rates
Bold Subscriptions will use the shipping rates that you have built-in to your Shopify admin to determine the costs for your customers. This can be adjusted within the Settings > Shipping area of your store.

Tax Rates
Tax Rates are also determined by what has been input into your Shopify settings admin. The Bold Subscriptions app will pull these rates, and apply them to your customers orders on your store.
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