Integration Hub for Bold Subscriptions V2


Bold Subscriptions is packed with features, and can integrate with additional third party apps to help with best utilizing these features to their full potential. We have made sure that our integrations are helpful, and allow your store to achieve unique business models.


Since Bold Subscriptions V2 is early in its release - please check back to this page often for new releases on integrated apps and features!

All the integrations within this article are completely supported and built in to Bold Subscriptions. They work together to help you accomplish more within our app for your Shopify store.

For a full list of all the apps that work well with Bold Subscriptions, please see our sections below:


Integrations with other Bold Apps

Bold Subscriptions V2 and Upsell are compatible. This allows you to trigger upsell or cross-sell offers when someone adds a subscription to their cart, or goes to checkout from your store.

Bold Upsell is not able to offer subscription items as upsell/cross-sell products. If a subscription product is added to an upsell offer, it will be added to the cart as a one-time purchase product. The subscription information does not get passed to the cart correctly when they are used as the offered item.


If a product is selected as "Subscription only" within the Shopify admin for the offer product specifically, the Upsell offer will appear and say that it was added to the cart. However, it is a limitation that the product will not be able to be added to the cart.

For more information, please visit our helpful article on Bold Upsell.



Currently, there are limitations with how Bold Subscriptions V2 interacts with other apps. These limitations are as follows:

  • Subscriptions are unable to be created for customers using the Draft Order method.
  • Third Party apps and Shopify's Local Pickup or Delivery features are unable to work with Bold Subscriptions at this time.
  • Shopify's Multi-Currency feature is unable to translate subscription product amounts, or shipping amounts at this time.
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